Final Destination 2

More kidlets cheat death, which makes death very angry. We don’t like to see death get angry.

This was another movie on my family’s Worst Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving. For those that don’t know, my family has a Thanksgiving tradition of trying to find the perfect bad movie. It started out whatever year Bad Girls came out on video. Ok, that was 1994. We actually used to just watch movies on Thanksgiving. Anything to get my dad not to watch football. Then that year came and we decided that was the worst movie we had ever seen. The next year, my dad said “Do you think we can find a worse movie than Bad Girls?” so we try to top it each year.

I thought it might be enjoyable and laughable. This movie was very funny. It was all so serious about its whole theory of death and whatever. Then when the people died, they never died how you thought. You would think they were going to die a million different ways before they actually did. Then when they did, it was so laughable but you know it was that way on purpose. Best line of the movie was whatever she said about the pigeons, which caused me to yell “Death by pigeons!” Those are deadly birds, better watch out.

Also, I thought the movie was going to end all cheesy, but the last scene didn’t let me down. Highly entertaining, total cheeseball movie.

Rating: B-

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