Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Quentin Tarantino film starring Uma Thurman as an assassin that was shot in the head on her wedding day, wakes up in a coma five years later and seeks out those that tried to kill her.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Starring: Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Vivica A. Fox, Daryl Hannah, David Carradine, Michael Madsen

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
Written by: Quentin Tarantino

Rating: R
Length: 1 hour 51 minutes
Genre: Action
Release Date: October 10, 2003

I had read a few reviews. Most liked it, but some said it was too violent and there was too much blood. I guess they didn’t notice the title of the movie.

I thought this movie was tons of fun. It was violent in the way True Romance was violent, except it was cartoonish violence at times. If you have watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail and how the blood comes spurting out of the knight (“It’s only a flesh wound!”), then it is that kind of blood. It’s hilarious.

There is fight after fight after fight. There isn’t much of a plot and not a lot of cool lines like in other Tarantino movies. It’s pretty much a bunch of fighting. It starts off with a fight in the first scene and the second to last scene is a huge fight scene.

Uma Thurman was awesome. Daryl Hannah is scary as hell. What the hell happened to her? She didn’t age well. Lucy Liu is cool and Vivica A. Fox didn’t last too long. Mr. Blonde makes a brief appearance, but I think he’s going to be in the next movie more.

There was an anime bit and I thought it was okay. I hate anime, but this didn’t have the annoying bits of anime that I hate so it was fine. I just wish it was shorter. It was a tad distracting.

I do love the way it was directed. I wish there was more dialogue, but the fighting was fun.

Rating: A-

4 Replies to “Kill Bill: Vol. 1”

  1. Much better description Coni!

    I guess I didn’t equate the blood spurting to the Python movie… that would have made it more amusing. I agree Uma was great, Daryl creepy and I always like Lucy Liu. Their code names are stupid in a funny way. I also agree the anime was too long – I actually thought there were a couple scenes that were a little long for no apparent reason.

    Ok so I am not a big Terentino fan…

    It was bloody, very violent and a bit scattered. At least this time I could understand the plot. (Unlike Pulp Fiction.) I really can’t say if I liked it or not – the action was great – very compelling to watch however the blood was over the top. Someone described this to me as Terentino’s answer to the spaghetti western/kung fu movies of the 70’s. I can definitely see the resemblance.

    The only example I can give without giving the movie away is Thurman’s character “The Bride” says in Japanese (something to the effect of) “those of you that can, get out, leave your body parts because they belong to me.”

    It was compelling enough that I will endure the violence and blood to see how it all comes together in Volume 2.

    LamW – 0

  2. I agree about other long scenes. The one in the sushi restaurant in Okanawa was too long when leading up to the real point of her being there. It was kinda amusing with the “domo origato” part that made me have Mr. Roboto stuck in my head. It still could have been trimmed a bit.

  3. I thought all the spurting blood was hilarious! I also thought the anime bit was okay, at least it made sense unlike some anime I have seen. I always like the crazy music in his movies. During the fight scene in the resturant when she was chopping off bits left and right, the kid behind me (Hello dad, please bring your 8 year old to an R rated movie and let him misbehave) was kicking the back of the seat next to me, so I reached over super fast and grabbed his foot and pushed it down off the seat – I scared the crap out of him. Lucky for him I didn’t have a samurai sword!

  4. What the hell bringing a kid to a movie that has “kill” in the title so you know it is going to be violent? Stupid people. Good job not killing the kid. 😉

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