An update on Ten Little Indians that takes place in a Bates-like motel with ten strangers, one of them being John Cusack.

It was a pretty enjoyable breezy type movie. I was told I couldn't guess the ending, but I thought I had the movie figured out from the beginning. I was feeling pretty smart SMRT about the whole thing and then I really didn't know the ending! What I thought was happening was happening, but there was something else happening that I did not see coming. Very good twist at the end!

And John Cusack is good in every movie he is in. I need to have a John Cusack film festival one of these days, but I think it would take an entire weekend, maybe even a week. Maybe I'll just go watch Better Off Dead instead.

Rating: B

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  1. I saw this via Netflix this weekend. It was pretty decent, but not great. This movie couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be tense or campy. It ended up not being enough of either.

    I like John Cusack…he was good as usual. I also liked Amanda Peet as the hooker with a heart of gold. She’s foxtacular.

    I give this sucka a C+, maybe a B- if Ray Liotta would send me a cookie.

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