Matrix: Reloaded


The second movie in the Matrix trilogy. The Machine Army is in search of Zion now that the Matrix has been exposed.

I use the twin picture because they were my favorite. They were super cool!

Besides the twins, I’ll just say that it isn’t as good as the first one, but it could be because it is setting up the third one. It does end with a “To be Continued” type tag at the end. I thought it started out slow, but the fight scenes were awesome. The bad guy who employed the twins was very funny, but nothing is cooler than the twins warping in and out of existence.


There were also two cheesy scenes that just needed to go (love scene over the rave and the hand starting the heart scene), but still a good movie overall. It does not have the wow factor like the first movie, besides the twins. Did I mention I liked the twins?

Rating: B-

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