Gosford Park

Gosford Park


A night in the life of 1932 dinner party that goes from the fancy guests to the help and wait staff.

I like some Robert Altman films. I loved The Player and  Short Cuts, but The Gingerbread Man bored me. I love ensemble films so I thought I would love this one.

There were way too many people in this movie to figure out what the hell was going on. Maybe if they did some kind of introduction but things moved so fast that I never figured out how some people were related to others in the movie. You had all the rich, snobby people that gathered for a hunting party and then you had all their valets/maids that came with them.

I think they could have lost about half the people and it wouldn’t have missed anything. The main plot point was good and I liked the ending. It also had Clive Owens in it and he’s really cool.

Rating: C+

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