Fall 2017 TV: Police Procedurals

Fall 2017 TV: Police Procedurals - SWAT, Wisdom of the Crowd

While I found the trailer for SWAT to be trying too hard, there are reviews that find it to be a solid effort and showrunners with good track records to make it a decent show. On the other hand,¬†reviews for¬†Wisdom of the Crowd, appear to have the same issues I did with thinking that crowdsourcing as a viable way to track potential suspects is wrong on many levels. This show thinks it is a good idea to invade everyone’s privacy and police by mob rule. Ick.

Wisdom of the Crowd

Wisdom of the Crowd

Premieres: Sunday, October 1, 2017 on CBS at 8:30/9:30c

Cast: Jeremy Piven, Richard T. Jones, Natalia Tena

Creator: Ted Humphrey

A tech guy creates a crowd-sourcing way to solve his daughter’s murder that can also be used to solve other crimes in San Francisco.



Premieres: Thursday, November 2, 2017 on CBS at 10/9c

Cast: Shemar Moore, Kenny Johnson, David Lim

Creator: Aaron Thomas

A newly promoted S.W.A.T. lieutenant is torn between his loyalty to the Los Angeles streets he grew up on and his fellow officers.


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