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September 2017, Page 2

Fall Movies: Opening September 15, 2017

My top pick for the week is Mother! from Darren Aronofsky. It is supposed to be in the similar vein of Requiem …

It - Pennywise with balloon


I haven’t reached It on my Stephen King reading list yet and I never read it previously. I also missed the Tim …

American Vandal

Fall 2017 TV: Unique Comedies

American Vandal is a satire of the true-crime genre, but it is done with lots of love and apparently has more going …

The Deuce

Fall 2017 TV: Gritty Dramas

If you are a fan of The Wire and David Simon, then you should be a fan of The Deuce that examines …


Fall 2017 TV: Sci-Fi or Supernatural

Ghosted doesn’t look as funny as it should be, but it has potential with its stars (Adam Scott, Craig Robinson) that I’m …


Fall Movies: Opening September 8, 2017

Even though some recent Stephen King adaptations have been very sad (cough The Dark Tower), It has audiences excited and is also …

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