Amy Schumer plays a young woman happy with her single life. She is afraid of commitment, but she does not have a problem with that. Her dad instilled that fear into her at a young age and it stuck with her way more than her younger, married sister. She likes her job at a men’s magazine, her apartment, and the guy she sometimes is dating when she isn’t having one-night stands. Then she is assigned to write a profile on a sports doctor and ends up falling for him. She terrified and does everything possible to screw it up.


I loved this movie, not only because it was hilarious, but because it was realistic. I loved that it showed a successful woman who is not obsessed over falling in love and is fine having fun. It is refreshing to see this as a main character instead of the quirky sex-obsessed sidekick in a romantic comedy. When love does find her, it scares her. She doesn’t know what to do and has bad reactions when things start to get too serious for her. It is not too different from another Judd Apatow movie, Knocked Up, where the main character realizes that they actually have to grow up a little bit to have some adult relationships in their life.

Amy Schumer wrote this movie and has talked about it is pretty autobiographical to her life, which I think helps make it realistic, especially the relationship with her father and sister. I loved her work friend played by Vanessa Bayer. There is one scene where she is frightened and cannot stop smiling. She is told by her boss to stop it, but she can’t. I could not stop laughing. Speaking of her boss, the magazine editor is played by Tilda Swinton and she is almost unrecognizable, but her character is a horrible person, that is also very funny. She says and does awful things to her employees while also assigning awful articles for them to write. I also liked┬áLeBron James as one of the doctor’s clients and good friend. His character was pretty goofy, but amusing.

This movie is set up like it is going to take down the standard romantic comedy and it does in a way, but then it actually becomes a good one since the relationship between Schumer and Bill Hader’s doctor is pretty cute. I must also mention once again that it is really funny. This will be one that I will not mind watching a few more times like some of my favorite comedies.

Rating: A-



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