June 2015 Family Movies

June 2015 Family Movies


Family movies can come in a range of styles from the animated ones from Pixar and Disney to the sad, but heartfelt ones involving losing a brother, but raising his dog that is suffering from PTSD. Then there are the action movies in the Spielberg vein where it won’t be for the younger kids, but the pre-teen and teenagers should get a kick out of a 13-year-old protecting the President.



Inside Out

Release Date: June 19, 2015

Cast: Amy Poehler, Diane Lane, Kyle MacLachlan, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader

Director: Peter Doctor

Riley and her family just moved to San Francisco from the Midwest and all the emotions in her head don’t agree on how to handle all the changes.




Release Date: June 26, 2015

Cast: Robbie Amell, Lauren Graham, Thomas Haden Church

Director: Boaz Yakin

Max is a military dog serving in Afghanistan, but when his handler is killed in war, the dog is sent to live with the handler’s family and the teenage brother tries to bond with a dog suffering from PTSD.



Big Game

Release Date: June 26, 2015

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Onni Tommila, Ray Stevenson, Victor Garber, Mehmet Kurtulus, Ted Levine, Jorma Tommila, Risto Salmi, Felicity Huffman, Jim Broadbent

Director: Jalmari Helander

In Finland, a 13-year-old boy is spending some time in the forest to prove himself when he stumbles across the President of the United States that has been shot down by kidnappers. They band together to try not to get captured while also trying to find the team sent to rescue the President.

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