St. Vincent

St. Vincent


The trailer for St. Vincent pretty much tells you the entire story, yet you still want to see it because of Bill Murray. You know that parts of it will be sappy, but still, it has Bill Murray, so could it really be that sappy? It could be, but you don’t care because once again, Bill Murray.


Bill Murray plays Vincent, a grumpy old man really set in his ways with a daily routine of visiting the race track, hanging out in a strip club, befriending a pregnant stripper and hanging out at a dive bar before driving back home and crashing into his own fence without realizing the next day he is the one that did it. Melissa McCarthy play Maggie, a recently divorced mom who works really long hours as a nurse. She moves into the house next door to Vincent and they do not hit it off since the guys driving her moving van run into his tree. He also thinks she had something to do with his fence that he ran over. Vincent is overly annoyed that anyone is bugging him. He really wants to be left alone.

That doesn’t happen since due to Maggie’s work schedule, there are times that her son Oliver needs someone to watch him until she comes home from work. She doesn’t have a lot of money or options so she asks if Vincent can watch him since they live right next door. For some reason, Vincent likes the kid or at least tolerates him a bit so he agrees to it, even though he is a horrible babysitter. He has Oliver mowing his dirt in the backyard when he isn’t taking him to the race track, strip club and dive bar. He also never really has any food in his house to feed Oliver.

This is all done in a light-hearted,  hilarious way. No one is really in danger and, of course, there is another side to Vincent that only Oliver can see at first. He really looks up to Vincent and as the movie moves into the last third of it, it is pretty much all sentimental stuff that I am usually rolling me eyes at, if it was any other movie. Bill Murray makes it work and I just let all the sappiness get to me. Well done, Bill, well done.

Grade: B

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