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Teams spent some time in Thailand during this leg where they zip lined through a jungle while carrying a tray of food and then did a ladyboy dance in a nightclub. We also got to hear about how right Hayley is about everything over and over and over again. Come share in our pain that is Hayley while Amy, Steve and I go through what happened on the third episode of the Amazing Race.

At the start of this race, Steve and I went with the truck stop team to go home this leg since they have been struggling the first two legs. I also picked them because even though there have been teams in the past that have not been in the best shape, they seem to be struggling to do anything that involves moving. It seems a struggle to just have them walk anywhere. Amy picked Hayley (and Blair). She said she is going to keep picking Hayley until she goes home. I thought that was a fabulous idea.

The episode started again with no one at the pit stop since we had to see the sleeping arrangements. None of the blind date teams were sharing rooms except the JJ team. The producers of the show must be so thrilled that a love connection is happening with them because no one else seems to be going for it. I think Laura & Tyler might have a thing for each other by the end, but probably not any of the other teams.

When the teams were actually able to start racing, they found out they were headed to Phuket, Thailand. At the airport, the teams were spread out amongst a few flights. The hair stylists, Olympians, truck stop and JJ teams were on the first flight landing at 4:50pm. Laura & Tyler and the lawyers were on the another flight landing sometimes after 9pm. The blonde gay guys and New Kids teams were running around to find some flights. The blonde gays found one flight that landed around midnight and the New Kids ended up getting a flight that didn’t land until 9:30 am the next day. Doh!


After the first flight landed, teams headed to Patong Beach and had to find a route marker guy that had their next clue. It ended up being a guy holding up a couple of sticks with their clues attached. The hair stylists were the first ones there, but kept running past the guy. He tried to get their attention, but it took them a while to notice him. I love it when teams can’t notice what is right in front of them. I suspect I would do the same. The Olympians also showed up and ran past the guy a few times until they all noticed he held the clue and a time. They couldn’t do anything until 8:30 AM the next morning so they just had to party it up in Thailand all night. It was an equalizer for all the teams except the New Kids that would still land after all the teams started moving the next morning, but at least they wouldn’t be as far behind.

The next morning teams were directed to an upside down house to find their next clue, which was exactly what it sounds like. It ended up being in the toilet, but since the toilet was on the ceiling, it was hanging from it. It was a detour clue. Teams had to choose between Ski or Tree. In ski, they had to make one lap around a pool on a wakeboard while being pulled around on a pulley that could go up to 20mph. In tree, they had to deliver a full meal on a zip line 150 feet up from the jungle floor to people waiting in a nearby tree. I said I would still pick the zip line even though I have never been on one since I feel like with the other one I would be in the water more than on the actual wakeboard. Amy was wondering which task was faster to redo when you fail at it.


The Olympians decided to try the wake boarding task. Most of the other teams headed to the zip line. The Olympians wiped out immediately on the wakeboard task so they were climbing out of the water to try again while the other teams were getting dressed up as waiters so they could deliver food.

The lawyers and Hayley/Blair were the first ones to arrive at the Fierce Tiger Grill to pick up the special. The chalkboard behind all the food and drink items listed the special, which was one of each item. The lawyer guy said they each needed one drink item and one food item and they were good. We were all very disappointed in the lawyers since that’s not what the clue said! They had lawyered so well during the first leg and now this? Blair heard that and decided to do it even though Hayley thought it was wrong. She questioned it by asking why all the stuff was written on the board. Blair said it didn’t matter. He was doing what the team ahead of him was doing. I guess that makes it correct! We all agreed that Hayley  has been correct before (directions in the first leg) and was correct now, but she’s so annoying, you still don’t want to listen to her. As soon as the first two teams wandered off with their food items, the hair stylists and truck stop teams showed up and got all the items.

JJ team showed up at wakeboard and got to watch the Olympians go a little further before falling down again. Then, it was back to Hayley being annoying. First, the lawyers did the zip line and were told they did it wrong. They were guessing that too much spilled from their drink. Blair was about to go while Hayley was chattering about being confused why there was so much written on the board. Then she saw the two teams come up behind her with all this food on their tray and continued to say all of these things in rapid succession:

  • The other team did it right and they did it wrong.
  • They couldn’t just follow another team.
  • They were going to have to do it again and be at the bottom.
  • They had to take their time and think through things instead of just doing them.
  • He should have just listened to her.

During this rant, she gave Blair no chance to say anything. He couldn’t even say he was right because she kept talking. I said, “You made your point and you keep talking and talking.” Amy said, “We get it, you’re right. We don’t need to hear it one hundred ways.” Ugg! Steve said, “Shut up! I would just jump off if I was him.” We did laugh that Hayley bitched constantly until Blair took off on the zip line. She was quiet for a moment, said “weee!” while cruising on the zip line and then as soon as she landed on the same side as him, immediately started up with the bitching. The look on Blair’s face was priceless.


The hair stylists had all the parts, but lost some of their food while zip lining so they had to do it again. The gay blondes and Laura/Tyler were suiting up as waiters while the lawyers were grabbing all the food for their second try. Over at the wake boarding task, Jackie was doing pretty well  at it until the turn came and she was  yanked off the board. Jeff barely made it up on the board before he fell down.

Back to the zip line, the truck stop couple went through the zip line with no problems and with all the food. The lawyers and Blair/Hayley were waiting to go and they all had to hear Hayley bitching non-stop. I believe that really encouraged the truck stop team to do the zip line as quickly as possible so they could get away from her. After that, the truck stop team was in first place! It was probably Hayley that gave them the push they needed. The lawyers failed on their second attempt since Jenny dropped her drink. Blair and Hayley finished up in second place (ugh!) so they were headed to a cabaret place for their next clue. The hair stylists also dropped something on their second attempt. Laura/Tyler did it perfectly their first time through so they were in third place.


Over at wake boarding, the Olympians gave up after eight tries and headed to the other detour. JJ team failed on their second try, but after watching the Olympians decide to switch and not get the athletic task after so many tries, the JJ team decided to switch tasks too. And, in case we forgot about the New Kid team, they were headed towards the zip lining detour. Editing made it seem like they were heading to it at the same time as the Olympians and the JJ team, but were they really that close?

The truck stop team arrived at the cabaret place where they learned they would be the stars in a ladyboy show. They both had to dress up in showgirl costumes and learn a dance routine. If the judges felt they did well enough, they got their next clue. Getting dressed up seemed to be no problem. Rochelle could not stop laughing at Mike trying to put on his makeup though. Then the stress came when they had to learn the dance. Another dancing challenge in this season already! Steve said “Why are they making these people dance so much?” I said, “Because it is hilarious!” While they were learning to dance, Blair/Hayley and Laura/Tyler were getting changed into their outfits.


At the zip lining challenge, the gay blondes and lawyers finished up. The hair stylists were about to go again when the Olympians showed up behind them ready to go on the zip line. While Matt freaked out when he saw them show up, he knocked over his champagne glass right into his soup. Then he decided to fill it up again with the broth of the soup since it was the same color. Ashley looked at what he did and her only response was to make sure to pick the chive out of the champagne glass. He must have gone to get a new glass though because the Olympians were shown finishing the task before them. JJ team also showed up and finished with no sign of the New Kids team at the zip line. They had to be far behind.


Over at the ladyboy show the guys were not doing a good job with their eye makeup. Amy said, “Some of them are really bad at putting on makeup but I guess it might be their first time.” I said, “I feel like my first time, I wasn’t that bad.” Then I laughed at the Mike on the truck stop team really enjoying the shimmying moves when it was the truck stop team’s time to try to do the task. They failed on their first couple of tries, but no other team was ready to go so they were able to try again.

In other news, we finally got to see how far behind the New Kids were from the other teams because as the JJ team was walking into the ladyboy task (and they were the last team to leave the detour), the New Kids were dressing as waiters and getting ready for the zip line. They did finish the task on the second try.

It must have taken the other teams awhile to get dressed, made up and learn the dance because the truck stop team were able to finally get the dance down on their own after eight tries. They were still in first place and heading to the pit stop. I was so wrong with my guess this leg!


The rest of the teams were making their way to the stage. Blair/Hayley and Laura/Tyler were both on stage at the same time since they were both ready. They failed, but they couldn’t immediately try it again since the lawyers were waiting to get on the stage. While Laura and Tyler were waiting for the Blair/Hayley and the lawyers to be done, they noticed that the regular dancers had  more pizazz in their moves so they needed to work on that. It appears Blair realized that too since he added some extra smiling and groin thrusting at the end of his dance and that led to Blair/Hayley passing the dance. They were on their way to the pit stop. I guess Amy was wrong this leg too! The lawyers passed as the more teams crowded into the room to try the dancing.


The truck stop team came in first place at the pit stop and won a trip to Prague. I’m glad the trips are back. I’m also glad that Hayley didn’t win. Amy noticed that there have been hats on the people next to Phil at the pit stop. She wondered if the hats will be part of the memory test at the end of the race.

While teams were trying the dance moves, more of them realized it was all about looking like you were having a fabulous time. Matt of the hairstylists was having a blast. He was cracking other teams up that were waiting to try on the stage and they got the pit stop clue while the gay blondes failed on their fourth attempt. Once again, I was surprised that the pageant guy was not very good at things that I thought he would be like smiling like crazy while doing some dancing. Laura/Tyler and Olympians finally got the clue on the dancing just before the gay blondes did. The JJ team had been practicing the entire time. Jackie got it down, but Jeff was more concerned that he was wearing makeup and the costume and wasn’t trying very hard. Get over it, dude. Jackie was getting a bit fed up since she was worried they were last. Don’t forget the New Kids!


While teams were making their way to the pit stop, Matt of the hairstylists realized he left his fanny pack at the ladyboy show and did the biggest gasp. While they were asking the driver to turn around and go back, Matt was freaking out while Ashley was very calm about it. I thought that gasp was hilarious. Amy said he was hilarious. Steve could not stop laughing at the gasp. I think the hairstylists became my favorite team. They did make it back to the ladyboy place and find his fanny pack as the JJ team were finishing up. It also showed the New Kids changing into their ladyboy outfits.

At the pit stop, Blair/Hayley came in second place. Also on the mat at the same time were the lawyers, Laura/Tyler and the Olympians. I told Amy that I was sadder about her not being correct this week with Hayley going home. She said everyone was sad she was wrong. Then, the gay blondes, hairstylists and JJ team all showed up while the other teams were still on the mat. Phil asked if there was any new romance, which made Amy say, “Please stop asking if people are in love.” Maybe to make Phil quit talking to the blind date people, Matt got on his knees and asked Ashley to marry him. Steve said “Oh for fuck’s sake!” Amy said, “Are you fucking kidding me?” I said I now knew why he was freaking out about his fanny pack since the ring was in there.

Then, we turned sad because we liked New Kids and they were the last team. We hoped for non-elimination and then it was one! Everyone else was cleared off the mat area after the engagement so they are probably still very far behind from the other teams, but they are still in it.  



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