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In the second to last episode from last season, the teams stayed in the Philippines to play basketball, drive padyaks and sweat a lot while lugging coconuts around. We also got to watch Misti not only deal with an injury from the ox poop water from the last leg, but watched her not know which way to wear her bicycle helmet. She had it on backwards the entire detour yet no one pointed out to her it was on incorrectly. Continue on to see what else Amy, Steve and I had to say about racers doing silly things on this leg.

When the episode started, we all picked the scientists as the one going home. Steve said, “Coni is amazed by certain aspects of the Amazing Race.” I said, “I’m always amazed! Right now, I’m amazed the scientists are still in this race.”

Before we could even get to the race though, we learned that Misti injured her foot at the end of the last leg while they were in the rice fields with the water ox. We got to see the officially applied bandage put on her foot. Amy said, “OMG that was in poop water. I hope she keeps her foot.” Steve responded, “OMG poop water.” Also, before the race started, Adam said that the surfers faith in Jesus makes them who they are and they race to the best of their potential because that is what they are called to do. I guess no other teams will be racing to the best of their potential because they are not called to do that! Amy said, “Oh here we go with Jesus.”


Teams started off with a clue telling them to take a jeepney somewhere.  The dentists were running down the road looking for a jeepney when they looked back and saw the scientists getting in one. They told the driver where they had to go and the driver told them it would take 30-40 minutes to get there. The dentists got on the same jeepney. After those teams left, the surfers stopped a jeepney and asked if it was the one to get on to get where they needed to go. The driver told them to go across the street to catch a jeepney going the other direction, which was a different direction than the one the dentists and scientists took. The wrestlers almost got on a jeepney going in the wrong direction, but the driver told them to go to the other side too. What we learned was all the jeepneys were on one long loop so the first two teams would eventually get to where they needed to go, but they were going the long way around.

The surfers got to the clue box in a park first to find a detour clue. It asked them to choose between This or That with no other explanation.  The surfers went to the detour that they thought was the closest and headed off in that direction. Soon after they left, the wrestlers showed up and found their Speed Bump, which involved taking a padyak to the waterfront and help a vendor take all the goods off of his broken padyak and transfer it to the new one. Brooke said it seemed like a long speed bump. Robbie didn’t think so, which made Brooke yell at him for contradicting everything she says. He told her to think positively. I was on Robbie’s side.


Meanwhile, the dentists and scientists were congratulating themselves many times about how smart they were being on their jeepney that was going the wrong way. The surfers arrived at This which had teams play a game of basketball against some locals until the team reached 21 points. They decided to do that, even though Bethany mostly threw the ball back into the game to Adam and he was the one that made all the shots. She was shown catching the ball with only one arm once, but wasn’t much better about making baskets. The other team really didn’t try too hard against them so it seemed fairly easy. When they reached 20 points, Adam had to make a free throw. He was not very good at making free throws.  He missed many times before he finally got one.


The wrestlers finished up their Speed Bump and were amazed that no other teams had passed them while they worked on it. The wrestlers were reaching the basketball detour as the surfers were leaving it. Around this time, the dentists and scientists were mentioning yet again that they were all super smart. Then they found out they were headed the wrong direction. We all laughed and laughed at them while they finally got in a jeepney going the right direction.

The wrestlers were much better at basketball than the surfers. Brooke played in high school. She was a bit rusty in the beginning, but then greatly improved. The other team seemed to be more aggressive with the wrestlers than they were with the surfers. Probably matching the playing style of the team.

The surfers were on their way to the next clue when they couldn’t find their route information. They decided to just go to an outside market and try to find where they were supposed to go on memory. we wondered if they needed the clue to check into the pit stop at the end of the race.  The wrestlers finished up their detour and were on the way to the same location as the surfers, but with their actual route information.

The last two teams ended up going to the That detour, which was taking turns driving a padyak and being a passenger in one around a block four times in less than 17:55.  Jim started pedaling for the dentists since Misti had her ox poop foot injury. He took off as  you would expect, especially compared to Maya that took a bit to get going. Jim wondered if he should turn or go straight at an intersection, but there was a super fabulous director guy helping him know which way to go.


Jim almost ran over some people since the braking system on the bike consisted of pushing some metal into a tire, which did not make it the easiest thing to use.  Misti complained about Jim being heavy when she was pedaling. It did give a chance for Derpy to pass the dentists, which was exciting until she lived up to her name and ran into some parked cars. I said, “She derped right into the car!” Steve said, “She even pedals like a dork.” Even after the crash, the scientists ended up passing the dentists. It was also hilarious that there were people running along the side of both teams pedaling. They weren’t going super fast. The scientists finished the detour about 30 seconds before the dentists, but they both finished in the allotted times.


Meanwhile, the surfers were still wandering around the market trying to find the clue box, even though they only knew one street name and couldn’t remember the cross street. The wrestlers showed up and found it immediately. It was a road block. Robbie decided to do it. He had to deliver parts of a coconut and brooms made from coconut trees to three different stalls in the market. On the side of the van that he was picking up the stuff, it listed where he should go and  how much he should be delivering of each one. Robbie grabbed some stuff and started wandering. He never saw the posted locations, even though the guy that handed him the stuff did try to point it out to him. After wandering for a bit Robbie finally read his clue. He came back and Brooke asked him what was wrong. He said, “We didn’t look at the posted locations.” Brooke gave him a look that said, “Um, there is no ‘we’, you are doing this road block on your own. I can’t help.”

The surfers finally decided to search Adam’s backpack again for the clue and found it. It didn’t seem like he had to search very long so he must really suck at searching.  By the time they finally found the clue box, the dentists had arrived. Jim kept asking where the posted locations were but was blind to where they were posted. Adam said it didn’t say where the marked shops are located. That’s not what your clue says, dude. We heard Robbie read it outloud! They were all complaining about the heat and humidity so I was guessing that the teams were so excited about being so close to the finals combined with the heat frying their brains that no one could think normally.


While Jim and Adam were asking people if they needed anything they were carrying, Robbie found the first stall. The guy told him he needed two more coconut things so Robbie realized he didn’t pay full attention to the list and went back to fix that. The scientists finally got to the road block and Derpy decided to do it.  She seemed to actually pay attention to the clipboard the first time around, but was struggling to find any locations and carry all the stuff.  Adam and Jim ran into each other and commiserated about being so lost. Adam finally read his clue again and realized that they missed something back at the van.  Robbie was picking up his last delivery at that point. Adam and Jim made their first delivery together. Then Adam didn’t want Jim following him around, so he took off running to the second location. Jim seems like he is stronger, but he did not try to run to catch up to Adam.


Robbie finished the road block first. I was amazed the wrestlers looked like they were going to finish first. As they took off to the pit stop. Amy found her first stall, but realized she didn’t have enough coconuts. As she went back to the van, she saw that Jim had borrowed someone’s hand truck. While getting more coconuts, Derpy swung them behind her and hit Adam right in the face. He grunted, but did not say anything else. She was clueless she even hit him. He so chill! Maybe he was thrilled that he was taking his last order to the last stall. Derpy soon dropped all the stuff she was carrying since it was a lot. She asked to borrow someone’s hand truck so then she was cruising.

The surfers finished second and Adam talked about the beautiful AC that was in the cab on the way to the pit stop. The dentists finished around the time that Derpy had one more delivery to make. We were laughing that she was shoving the receipts in her bra as she went along. Amy said, “Oh that receipt is going to be sweaty.” When the scientists finished up and were heading to the pit stop, we were worried that Derpy might die. She was really dehydrated.

The wrestlers actually came in first place, but the race wasn’t over! It was continuing. They were given their next clue and a manila envelope that they couldn’t open until they were told to do so. The clue told them to fly to Los Angeles to start the final leg. The surfers came in second and the dentists were in third place. The scientists came in last place, but were told that they weren’t eliminated. All four teams would be racing in the last leg. They weren’t given a speed bump though. They were told that one team would be eliminated at some point during the last leg.


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