Amazing Race: Don’t Trust Wrestlers

Amazing Race: Don’t Trust Wrestlers


During the ninth episode, teams went to Singapore where Steve reminded us about that one American kid that was caned in Singapore in 1994 for vandalism. After watching Brooke blow onto a glass for no reason, we are pretty sure she should get the same punishment. Continue on to read what Amy, Steve and I said about this crazy episode involving both a Fast Forward and a Double U-Turn.

When the episode started, we were all convinced the scientists were going to go home, especially since derpy couldn’t run normal. I also thought Maya might kill her soon. Steve said he would miss her running if they went home. He said, “She runs like she scientifically calculated that running like a dork is more efficient.” Amy said, “I think it’s an Amy thing because I run weird too.”

The teams found out they were flying to Singapore where they would take a ferry to a small island, run a mile into a jungle and drink a coconut before getting their next clue. We all talked about how when we were in Hawaii last year, the coconut stand we found on the side of the road were old coconuts, not young ones like the Amazing Race was showing us. Also, the guy who cut up our coconuts was telling us how he spent some time in prison. While watching the show, Amy said, “Is there an ex-con to cut up the coconut for you?”


The clue told teams that flights had been arranged from Malta to Paris, but they had to book their flights from Paris to Singapore. They also had the option to ignore the Malta to Paris connection if they found something better that got them to Singapore. The surfers ignored this part of the clue and asked for the earliest arriving flight into Singapore from Paris. They purchased tickets that got them there at 6:40 AM. The dentists showed up and didn’t do any of their own research and just went with what the surfers bought. They all then said they had to pretend to be nice to the cyclists that they were all planning on u-turning the first chance they got.

The cyclists walked in and asked for the earliest arriving flight into Singapore and found one that connected through Rome and arrived at 6:00 AM. This sent the dentists into a tizzy! He started quieting yelling at the surfers saying he thought they had checked it all out. He also said it was ridiculous! I was laughing that he would assume the other team did all the work without checking himself since no one ever makes a mistake on this race. We also learned there was a new rule this season that once teams bought a plane ticket, they could not buy another one, even if they found a better flight. I thought that was good since it was just a waste of money in the past and I like when people have to deal with their stupid mistakes they make when they don’t think things through.

The dentists and surfers wandered off to go pout about their poor reading skills and the possibility that they would not be able to u-turn the cyclists while the scientists showed up and the cyclists told them about the flight they were on so at least another team was ahead of the other two teams.  By the time the wrestlers showed up, they just asked for the earliest flight into Singapore and got on the same one as the cyclists and scientists.

We also had to pause the show and discuss all the logistics of double u-turns and why the wrestlers were bummed that more teams weren’t in front of the cyclists. We finally all realized that if the cyclists were u-turned by one team and they got to the u-turn before any other team, they could still u-turn a team and have a chance to not be last themselves.


After drinking coconut milk, the teams were told where to go in the city to find their next clue. There was also a Fast Forward where if a team completed it, they could skip everything else and go straight to the pit stop. It involved surfing for two minutes on a boogie board in a wave machine. Alli really did not want to attempt it, but Kym really did. The wrestlers were worried they couldn’t get it and could be in last place. The scientist wisely figured out they shouldn’t attempt it since they had derpy. Kym said if no other team in their group was there was going to try it, they should since the later teams wouldn’t even think of going for it because they were behind. Alli finally agreed so the cyclists went off to try. The wrestlers and scientists figured out that if the cyclists were going to do the Fast Forward (and they assumed they would complete it), that they would never see the U-Turn so that meant they needed to u-turn the surfers. It was no use u-turning the dentists since they still had their Save. The surfers and dentists passed the other teams as they were leaving the jungle. They both picked up their clues and said they were not going to go for the Fast Forward without even looking at it.

The scientists and wrestlers arrived at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and went up to the 57th floor to get a roadblock clue. They also showed the infinity pool up there. I said I wanted to be in that roof pool. The road block was to walk a tightrope between one tower to the other. They did have a rope they could hold onto as they walked. Maya and Brooke said they would do the task before they knew what it really was since the road block just said, “Who wants to be a funambulist?” When Brooke said she would do it, Steve said, “Will she be able to resist not jumping off the rope and elbowing someone on the ground?” Amy said, “Such temptation to land on people!!”

While heading to the Fast Forward, Alli was still very doubtful about it but Kym told her to stay positive. While heading back to the city, the surfers read the Fast Forward for fun since they didn’t even know what it was when they decided not to do it. When they saw wave house, Bethany totally wanted to do it since she was good at it. Adam said he had tried it before, but it was hard.

At the road block, Maya was finishing up walking on the tightrope and having the time of her life since she enjoys everything about this race, except when Derpy is being extra derpy. Brooke said she would be embarrassed if she fell after Maya didn’t since Maya makes candy for a living and Brooke kicks girls in the face. I was unsure how kicking girls in the face is the same as tightrope walking. Steve said, “It’s a similar skill set. You have to use your feet.” When Brooke started walking, Robbie said it was like walking the ropes in wrestling.  Amy said, “It’s just like wrestling but one million feet higher!”


At the wave house, the cyclists were struggling with the Fast Forward. They had done it a few times, but they had to stay up for two minutes surfing. It was the longest two minutes ever. They seemed to be getting the hang of it and had been on their boards for a minute when the surfers showed up. I think that made them lose their concentration because they both fell soon after and that gave the surfers a chance to try the Fast Forward.

The scientists had arrived first at the next clue which was on some guy walking around with an orange and red sign on his back. He gave them a detour clue, which was between cupping or crabbing. In cupping, the teams had to have a deep tissue massage, back exfoliation and cupping. I have paid for all of those services so I could do that no problem! Also, you didn’t really have to do anything. Stuff was just done to you. In the other one, teams had to crack open crabs covered in chili sauce and collect two pounds of crab meat. It takes me forever to get crab meat out of crabs so I know I would be super slow at that task. The scientists ran off to do the cupping detour while the wrestlers showed up in the same plaza and walked right past the guy. They were probably looking for a clue box.


Meanwhile, Jim was walking and slipping off the tightrope. It seemed like one of the ropes slipped. He had to come back to the beginning and start over. He was halfway across and he had to start over. Sucks! He was too heavy it seems. I wonder if it would have happened if Robbie had done the road block.


Over at the Fast Forward, Bethany had no problems, but Adam was not getting the hang of it. He fell over, which gave the cyclists another shot at it. They didn’t last long before Kym fell again. Alli seemed to actually get the hang of it even after Kym fell, but it didn’t matter. The surfers got to go again and Adam got the hang of it so they finished the task and won the Fast Forward. The cyclists were on their way out of the wave house when they saw the surfers complete it. They knew they were in last place. Alli started blaming Kym for it saying she never wanted to do the task, but then said she wasn’t blaming her for it. Then whining about it.


Over at the detour, the scientists were being big wusses. It appeared they weren’t getting a Swedish massage, but a deep tissue one which really works out any knots. They were spazzing out immediately and tensing up, making it all a lot worse. They were yelling so much that Amy said, “They are disrupting the whole spa and should be asked to leave.” There was also a lot of side boob pixel going on. Steve pointed out that you can’t look at side boob. Amy said, “You can’t look? What is side boob for if not for looking?”

The wrestlers finally figured out the guy had the clue and went to the massage place. The scientists were still crying and yelling. We were very annoyed by them. The massage ladies were talking about foreigners have a low tolerance for pain. No, it’s just these two dorks. When the wrestlers showed up, they found it amazing. I would be like them. Maya finally calmed down when she saw another team was going through the massage and not freaking out so much. Derpy started to yell stop  when they were exfoliating her back and Maya said no, she couldn’t stop and to just cry through it. Then the cupping started and more yelling happened. I thought the cupping had to hurt more since they just had all that exfoliation done.


The dentists picked the crab detour. The crab came out boiling hot, which the dentists said many, many times. They could only do a little bit at a time before they had to take a break so their fingers wouldn’t burn. Then there was a guy dancing around them in a crab costume, another one playing flute and a third one just banging cymbals behind them. I would have chosen the massage task over this one.

Just before the scientists finished up the massage task, they had the wrestlers agree with them to u-turn both the surfers and cyclists since they could both be at the Fast Forward and they were going to waste a u-turn anyway because the dentists couldn’t be eliminated. As they took off to head to that Double U-Turn stand, the cyclists were finishing up the tightrope walk. I was also thrilled that they finally cleaned up their makeup from the surfing task.

The scientists got to the Double U-Turn and picked the surfers. They knew that the wrestlers would have no problem u-turning the cyclists. Their clue told them they had to search five different merlion statues in the city to find their next clue.

The dentists, who had arrived at the crab task around the same time as the wrestlers showed up to the massage task, got a weight on their crab. They had only cracked one pound. One more pound to go! The wrestlers had finished up their task and were headed to the U-Turn. When they got there, they didn’t u-turn anyone. They were the ones that came up with the entire scheme to u-turn and then they didn’t do it! They just hoped that the cyclists would be so far behind if the surfers did do the Fast Forward. Why not make sure by u-turning them? So dumb.

The cyclists chose the massage and Kym said she normally likes things really hard, but this was too much. Alli told her that they could stop, but Kym just went with it. She was tearing up a bit, but she wasn’t yelling like a god damn spaz!

The wrestlers and scientists ran into each other at one of the merlion statues where the scientists learned the wrestlers had not u-turned the cyclists. They were quite confused about why they would do it, but that’s the wrestlers, confused about most things. The dentists arrived at the U-Turn after finally finishing the crab detour, they didn’t u-turn anyone because they figured that the surfers hadn’t finished the Fast Forward.

The wrestlers found the clue box at one of the merlions but they were back in their taxi before the scientists had pulled up. When the scientists had asked them if it was there, the wrestlers said no, so the scientists just kept going. They lied to you! The dentists found the clue box on their second try so they headed to the pit stop next. While the scientists were checking the last spot, the cyclists saw they weren’t u-turned and grabbed the merlion clue. They figured everyone would go to the closest one first so they told their taxi driver to go to Mount Faber, which was the place that actually had the clue.  When the scientists realized that the wrestlers might have lied to them, they headed to Mount Faber. Even their cab driver knew that they shouldn’t trust everyone.  The scientists got to the clue box before the cyclists. How close were they do each other? Not sure!

The surfers went straight to the pit stop before any team had finished the detour and won a trip to Bali. The wrestlers managed to come in second place. The dentists came in third place and had to turn in their Save. The scientists did come in fourth place and learned the wrestlers do lie. The cyclists did come in last place and were eliminated. I had hoped they would have stayed in and the scientists had been eliminated. It was a super exciting, crazy episode though.

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