The One I Love


This movie is so weird and will be difficult to explain why without giving too much away, so you’ll have to trust me. For some reason, I thought this movie was from the people that created Safety Not Guaranteed and it has similar vibe to it, even though this is more serious than that movie, but other than both starring Mark Duplass, they don’t involve the same producers, writers or directors. If you enjoyed that movie’s weirdness and non-explanation of the ending, then this one will be right up your alley.


Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss star as married couple, Ethan and Sophie, who are in couples’ therapy and seem on the verge of breaking up when their therapist (Ted Danson) tells them about this retreat he has sent other couples to in the past and it has always been successful in turning their relationships around. He tells them to keep an open mind and go check it out for a few days.

While on this retreat, that’s when things go from weird to weirder and it is best to just go with it and suspend any disbelief because the point of the movie is still about their relationship and what they both want from each other and from their marriage. I couldn’t stop thinking about this movie, even a few days after it.

I really liked it, but mostly wanted some other people to watch it to talk about it. It was another small movie and came and went from the theaters earlier this year, but it is worth checking out.

Grade: A-

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