Amazing Race: Drink Mixing Temper Tantrum

Amazing Race: Drink Mixing Temper Tantrum


The remaining eight teams stayed in Malaysia where they got blisters from a bamboo trampoline and had a really hard time in Kuala Lumpur trying to mix drinks. Continue on to read what Amy and I had to say in the 4th episode, “Smarter Not Harder” that aired on March 15, 2014.

Amy and I picked the Country Singers as the team to go. As you can see, I have not been a fan of them so I’ll just keep picking them until they are gone.

When the race started, teams learned they were staying in Malaysia for a bit longer. Dave & Connor left in first place and we heard again about his achilles injury and how they came in first place during the third leg the previous season but then had to quit because of the injury. Amy said, “I don’t need to hear about that injury anymore. It’s like the most traumatic thing EVAR!” I said they never seemed to bring up that they came in first place in a previous season, even with the injury, because they were given an Express Pass by another team. That part seems to conveniently be left out of the story.

We also got to learn that Luke is gay. Amy said, “Was that supposed to be a shocking moment that he’s gay?” I said, “I just know him as having a nervous breakdown each season, so now I know  he’s a gay guy having a nervous breakdown.” When Brendon & Rachel left, she announced that if they win the million dollars, Brendon promised Rachel she could have babies. Amy said, “Yes, that’s a great way to decide to have kids.” I said, “She should not reproduce.”


The next clue was a roadblock where one team member had to jump on a bamboo trampoline and try to grab a hanging flag that was adjusted for the person jumping’s height. They had to do it barefoot and they had three tries to get it before they had to let anyone else waiting have a shot. The Cowboys were the first team to arrive, but Cord had some issues getting the flag. He just couldn’t time his jumping right to reach it. Connor came in and got it on his first try. Afghanimals showed up and it took Leo a few tries, but he did get the flag and left Cord still trying. I told the Cowboys to get with it. Amy said, “They let the cows do the jumping.” Cord did finally get it after 47 tries and before another team showed up.


Almost all other teams did not struggle as much as the Cowboys. The Globetrotters did have a bit of trouble since Big Easy didn’t seem to notice that they did raise the flag to fit his height. After missing it the first time, he had a look on his face that said, “I have to make an effort?” Jessica did the task for Express Pass Freakout. She had trouble getting the flag. It didn’t take her as long as the Cowboys, but she did get some nasty blisters on her feet that she had to stop and get wrapped before continuing on with the task. Ow! For unknown reasons, Rachel loves to run in shorts and pantyhose. She kept slipping because of the pantyhose. When she finally removed them, she got it done.


After the roadblock, teams flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They had to participate in the nightlife at Sky Bar for a detour task. They had to choose between being a DJ and  or making drinks. In the DJ task, they had to learn how to scratch a record properly before performing for the dance crowd. If they didn’t do it correctly, they would have to get in line with any other teams attempting it and wait their turn. In the drink task, they had to make four red drinks and three yellow drinks and pour them into seven glasses in a pyramid all at the same time without mixing the colors.

The Afghanimals, Cowboys and Achilles were all on the same flight that was over two hours ahead of the rest of the teams. The Afghanimals got there first and picked the drinks because Leo is a bartender. The Cowboys and Achilles both picked the drinks because they said they had no rhythm to learn the DJ task.  They all found out the task was very difficult. It was so easy to mix the colors and have to start over. It was also very easy to drop all the glasses used to pour the drinks into the martini glasses and just shatter everything. It was highly entertaining to watch. Amy said, “This is something that Kentucky would have just magically walked up and done in one try.” We missed Mark & Bopper.


The Afghanimals became frustrated with not getting the task and switched to the DJ task just before all the teams from the later flights showed up. Soon after the Afghanimals switched, the Cowboys finally got the task complete and moved on to the pit stop at the Hindu Temple, Batu Caves.


All the other teams showed up to the task after the Cowboys left. Achilles said they had been there for two hours when they saw Brendon and Rachel. Achilles did finish up before the other teams got started with it though. Rachel felt confident because she used to be a cocktail waitress. I wasn’t sure how carrying drinks was the same as mixing them. Margie & Luke also decided to do the mixing drink task. They all had the same struggles as the previous teams with it not being as easy as they first thought.

When the Country Girls, Express Pass Freakout and Globetrotters showed up in the DJ practice area, the Afghanimals freaked out. The Afghanimals decided to go try to perform in the club. The Globetrotters went out to try too after barely practicing. The other teams decided they needed more practice before going out there. Globetrotters failed almost immediately and went back to practice more. The Afghanimals completed the task pretty easily on their first try.

After some more practice, the Globetrotters and Express Pass Freakout team went to go try again while the Country Singers decided to keep practicing until they were sure they got it. The Globetrotters and Express Pass Freakout did not get very far until they both failed again and again. They wouldn’t go back to practice and just kept trying. The Country Singers came out and do it in their first try. They actually kept practicing until they got it. After the Country Singers left, Express Pass Freakout and Globetrotters finally got it.


Meanwhile, Margie & Luke and Brendon & Rachel were not doing very well with the drinks.  Amy said, “I can’t imagine how irritated the clean-up crew is with this challenge.” I wondered if they were giving out free drinks to the people either watching the drinks or pretending to dance to the record scratching. We were both confused why Brendon was pouring the drinks over and over again since Rachel said she had experience as a cocktail waitress. We were very surprised Rachel wasn’t crying during the task.

After about 20 attempts, Luke & Margie were getting tired. Luke got frustrated and just threw the glasses he was holding on the ground. They didn’t slip. It was intentional. After asking Luke if he wanted to quit, Margie made him clean up the mess. Amy said, “Now everyone feels awkward as an adult has a temper.” Brendon and Rachel actually stopped and helped Luke get his shit together. Margie & Luke tried a few more times and then asked if Brendon and Rachel wanted to quit and take the time penalty with them. Rachel didn’t want to do it and said they shouldn’t quit. They had to be close. Margie was shocked at Rachel believing in them. Amy said, “Rachel is shocking everyone with the lack of crying!” Margie & Luke finally got it and took off.

Brendan and Rachel knew they were in last place. Sad music was playing. We were actually hoping for a non-elimination since we felt bad for Brendon and Rachel. Then, they started praying. Ugg! Amy said, “Please do not involve God in non-whiskey cocktails.” They finally got it and a counter popped up showing that it took over three hours to complete the task.

At the pit stop, the Cowboys came in first place and won a trip to London. The Achilles team showed up in second place and Dave announced for the second time during this leg that they were two Mormon boys and it was weird they were making drinks. You weren’t drinking them though so you just made brightly colored milk. Don’t get too crazy with it, Dave. The rest of the teams showed up to the pit stop in the order that they finished the detour task. When the Country Girls showed up, Phil said it was a miracle. I said, “It is a miracle, Phil.” Brendon and Rachel were the last team to check in, but it was actually a non-elimination leg. I said, “So much trickery with the sad music!”

What did you think about Luke’s nervous breakdown yet again during the race? It has happened each time he has been on the show. Do you think Brendon and Rachel should have kept going and not stopped to help Luke calm down?

Also, I would like to point out that the first three teams that showed up to mix drinks, the last team to leave was the one who had a bartender (Afghanimals) and out of all the teams, the one who had a cocktail waitress was the last to leave (Brendon & Rachel). We see how personal experience really helps in this game.


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