The Husband’s Secret

The Husband’s Secret


The Husband’s Secret
Liane Moriarty

I mostly wanted to read this story to learn about the secret. I had to know. As I went along in the book, it became less important about the actual secret. I wanted to know how the three main women and how all the people in their lives would deal with the news of the secret. I was surprised I hadn’t been spoiled about the secret before I had a chance to read the book, but I think the reason was that isn’t the main point of the book. It is really about how this secret has shaped the lives of these people and how learning about it affects other people. It really shatters reality for some people and reading about how they deal with it is what kept me reading.

The book grabbed me by the end of the first chapter. It is from the viewpoint of Cecilia Fitzpatrick, a type-A mother who has all her daughter’s activities and schedule planned down to the second, finds a letter she shouldn’t and it turns her world upside down. I wanted her to open it, but then the chapter ends and moves onto other characters. No! I wanted to move on with the letter and find out the secret. It drove me crazy, but then I was caught up in the drama that was happening with Tess and Rachel when they were introduced and in subsequent chapters.

As I kept reading, my mind went through a million things that could be the secret and looking for any foreshadowing in what I was reading. I did figure out what the secret could be, but I didn’t know why. Even after I knew and it was explained in the book, there was so much more to it and how these three women came into each other’s lives. I didn’t want the story to end by the time I reached the end of the book.

If I had any issue with the book, it was by the epilogue at the end of it that answered any what-ifs that had been filling these women’s minds because of the secret. It was like an alternate reality and I don’t feel like it was necessary. I could see how some people might have liked it though since it wrapped the story up in one way. I like things to be more open-ended or to think about the what-ifs myself.

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