You’re Next


A family reunion turns into a home invasion of cute animal masks.

Home invasion movies aren’t scary to me. Yes, I will jump from time to time, but it doesn’t stay with me like ghost stories or haunted house movies. I think why those scare me more is because it is hard to predict what some supernatural being will do next. With home invasions, you are still dealing with other humans and they can be predictable or you can figure out how to outsmart them.

There isn’t much set up in this movie before the invasion happens. If we would have gotten to know the family a bit more then we might have been sad when they started getting killed. I just started laughing. Does that make me sound twisted? Oops. I don’t believe I was the only one though, because when the people in the movie started making stupid decisions like they always do in horror movies, people in the theater were laughing. We all knew what was coming when someone was going to make a run for it out of the house to a car for a getaway. What actually happened was unexpected, but the laughter leading up to it was probably unintentional.

At one point, while the family feels they are safely locked inside, they learn that a killer is inside the house. What do they do? Nothing. It doesn’t change anything. It is as if they didn’t learn this new piece of information and just make sure all the doors are locked so they can be safely inside. That’s where the movie really lost me since I kept asking why they weren’t freaked out by the killer being inside until they finally remembered much later on in the movie.

I did start to like the movie a bit more when one of the guests seems to be really good at attacking back. I was rooting for this person. How people met their ends were pretty creative from that point on. There were some intentionally hilarious lines, which also helped the movie. It might have been nice if there were more of them, but it seemed like they were thrown in there and didn’t fit with the rest of the tone. Also, the reason for everyone getting killed was a letdown. I was hoping for some big family secret to come out, but that was just another missed opportunity.

Grade: C

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