The World’s End

The World’s End


Twenty years after attempting an epic pub crawl, a 40-year-old Gary King rounds up his high school friends so they can go back to their hometown and finish the Golden Mile. 

This would be the last part of comedy trilogy that started with the zombie satire Shaun of the Dead and continued with the buddy cop satire Hot Fuzz. While each of those previous films had some underlying themes of either committing to a relationship or slowing down to enjoy life outside of work, this one has the underlying theme that you can’t always live in the glory days of your teen years. You do need to move on. Of course since it is from Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, it is done in the most hilarious way possible and also has some batshit crazy elements added.

In case you haven’t already been spoiled by the apocalyptic nature of the movie, I won’t do it for you. I think it is enjoyed more when you think you are going to watch some guys try to drink at 12 pubs in one night while reminiscing about the good ole days.  This do not go as planned and it’s all the better for it.

While rewatching the first two movies just before this one, I was able to catch all the hilarious elements Edgar Wright adds to his movies as a director. He really keeps everything zipping right along and does a fantastic job staging fight scenes. I also noticed that in each movie, Nick Frost’s characters really enjoy their ice cream cone treats and someone is always tripping over some fence while trying to jump it.

On a side note, you do get treated to a fantastic soundtrack while watching. I thought I was back in high school listening to all my favorite British bands. It was fabulous. I think the movie is worth watching just for that.

Grade: A

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