Amazing Race: Tangerine Speedo

While I enjoyed most of the episode, I was a bit frightened by the tangerine Speedos that were shown near the end of the leg. It also made me think of the random song by Caviar, Mr. Tangerine Speedo. Since there is no official video, I decided the fan-made one featuring the guys from 300 worked best.

Dramatic Flair

The leg started with teams staying in Copenhagen. The first clue sent them to a Hans Christian Andersen statue. It was a roadblock where one team member had to learn the poem at the base of the statue, follow the map on the wheel of a bike to a theater where the team member had to recite the poem with dramatic flair. Control Freaks were the first to arrive and while Cindy tried to remember the poem, a tour bus arrived and blocked her view from the statue for a while. It was pretty amusing, but she memorized it, found the theater and performed it with great flourish for the judge before any other team showed up.

Cathi and Tommy got lost while they were trying to find the theater. Amani ended up passing both of them by due to not getting lost and also not messing up at the theater. When Cathi did find the theater, she messed up a word so she had to ride all the way back to the statue before she tried again. Tommy just stood there reciting the poem without trying to “act” it out, so he had to go back to the statue before he tried again. This made Tommy very angry! I haven’t ever seen him angry before. Sandy was the last to get to the roadblock. She also had to redo her recital since she had no dramatic flair like Tommy. Cathi, Tommy, and Sandy all passed on their second try.

Pirate Teacups

The next clue sent the teams to the original Legoland park, which is pretty cool. The teams had to get into round pirate ships like the tea cups at Disneyland. They had to piece together Legos to figure out their next clue, but they could only put it together while the ride spun them around. When it stopped, they had to stop and wait until the ride started spinning again. Amani and Sandy almost puked while on the ride from all the spinning. The boring dating couple had to redo their puzzle since one of the lego pieces flew out of the ride and it took them a while to notice it. The task didn’t let any team get ahead of anyone else. The only change in the order of the teams was due to the farmers getting lost on the way to Legoland. That put them behind the boring dating couple.

Train Ticket Non-Drama


After Legoland, the teams drove just over the border to the Hamburg train station, but then had to travel by train to Brussel, Belgium. The next train that left made everyone on the same train again. Sometime while wandering around, Cindy lost the train ticket for their connection from Cologne, Germany to Brussels. Of course, she freaked out. They didn’t have enough money to buy another train ticket so they kept asking if they could get another copy printed out, but they had lost the receipt too so that didn’t ¬†help. They got on the train anyway and hoped that no one would check for their ticket. They did luck out with no one checking so it was self-imposed drama by Cindy.

Damme Speedos

Once in Brussels, I was hoping for some kind of task with chocolate or beer, but nope! It was all about Jean-Claude Van Damme. The teams had to get into tiny bikinis and speedos, get sprayed up with bodybuilding oil, and then learn various poses for three bodybuilding judges. They could earn a score of 1-5 from each judge, but they needed at least 12 to get the next clue. The snowboarders were lathering each other up and said their friendship reached a whole new level. Andy was also having problems since some of his old snowboarding injuries were making some of the poses hard for him. Amani did not want to do the challenge more than once since she was not happy about being in a bikini so she went through memorization exercises with Marcus until they knew the poses really well.

The Control Freaks went first and received 9 points. They gave notes to Ernie and, of course, Cindy pointed out that only Ernie received feedback. She’s perfect! I guess she already forgot about losing the train ticket. The snowboarders went next and received 4 points. They were told to smile like they were enjoying themselves since it was too obvious they were thinking about what they had to do next. The NFL team went next and had a great time. They received 12 points. While they took off towards the pit stop, the snowboarders tried again. They got booed from the crowd and received 5 points. They were told they needed to work on their technique more. They were getting frustrated. The Control Freaks tried again and received 12 points. They were just behind the NFL team. The farmers received only 3 points. They were told they needed to learn the routine more. The boring dating couple seemed to be naturals since they received 13 points.

While the snowboarders and farmers worked on their poses, the NFL team checked into the pit stop. They came in first place and won a trip to Panama. They also learned that the leg wasn’t over yet. Phil gave them their next clue. Yes, another non-elimination round!


  1. Do you think there will be another double elimination in the next episode? What do you think about yet another non-elimination round?
  2. What do you think about the crazy bodybuilding challenge? Could you have worn the tiny bikini or Speedo?
  3. Do you think you could have put the Lego puzzle together or would you have puked like a few people almost did?


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