Amazing Race: I’ll Be Back

Amazing Race: I’ll Be Back

This leg consisted of eating schnitzel, carrying Freud’s couch and doing the easy road block ever. At least the team members were able to look goofy while wearing the chimney sweep outfit. It was also the first leg of the race that was a non-elimination that actually let the teams rest instead of keep racing. I think I actually prefer the keep racing way of things instead of the non-elimination legs. And of course, Kynt whined non-stop. I’m not sure why Vyxsin didn’t kill him.

Off to Arnold Land

The teams learned that they would be leaving India and heading to Austria. This made the Globetrotters very excited since that’s where the Terminator is from. This caused Flight Time to start speaking in an Arnold Schwarzenegger-type voice.The cowboys made a comment that they would no longer be Cowboys and Indians since they were leaving the country. The goths started out the leg by fighting, mostly with Kynt whining nonstop and Vyxsin telling him to shut up.

All the teams had to buy their tickets at the same travel agency. Everyone got the same flight that had two connections, but arrived at 5:35 am. The cowboys chose a flight that arrived at 6:00 am since it only had one connection. They knew that they would get there before everyone else if something happened with the connections or they would get in last. They got in last this time around. Oh cowboys, making bad flight decisions two legs in a row!

Product Placement Time

After the teams arrived in Austria, it was product placement time for Ford Focus. At least the winner of this leg would get a new Ford Focus. That makes the product placement worth it. Once they were in their cars, Phil came on the screen in the car to tell them to put the car into reverse and it would activate the backup camera. They would read their clue off the road by going backwards and reading it on the camera. It read Schloss Schallaburg. Gary & Mallory had some problem getting the camera to work or something, so all the other teams left before them. They finally got it working and got the clue right before the cowboys arrived.

The teams arrived at Schloss Schallaburg to get a huge book from a lady that Justin called Harry Potter. The book gave the name of a library and all the teams headed to the library. When the goths got to the castle, Kynt saw the lady holding the book and said “There’s a man holding a book. He looks nice.” That’s a man Kynt? Well, I guess I can see how he, of all people, would be confused.

While driving to the library, Vyxsin told Kynt to turn and he didn’t. When she told him he was driving wrong, he blamed her for not telling him soon enough. She told him he needed to not act like a girl and go into emotional mean blaming mode. Oh, the goths need to go. I don’t like either one of them!

Ferris-Wheel Food

When the teams arrived at the library, they got their clue from a guy wearing an odd backpack. It was a detour. They could choose from eating a traditional Austrian meal in 12 minutes while going around in a Ferris wheel or they could carry a couch for a mile. Zev & Justin, the sisters and Gary & Mallory all chose the eating detour while the Globetrotters and goths chose the couch. The cowboys were still a bit behind everyone else.

While heading to the eating part, Jen said that she bet it would be the “biggest wiener I ever eat.” When they arrived first to the detour, it was a plate of schnitzel, salad and a piece of chocolate cake. Kisha wondered if there was ketchup. Justin looked like he was sweating while he was shoving it down his throat. Both the sisters and Zev & Justin failed to finish within twelve minutes. They knew they couldn’t eat that much again so they ran off to do the couch task. They passed Gary & Mallory and did not admit that they didn’t finish.

Freud’s Couch

The Globetrotters picked up their couch from the Freud museum right before the goths arrived. There was a wheelie with the couch that the Globetrotters apparently found, but the goths didn’t use it. The sisters arrived at the couch just after both the Globetrotters and goths took off. Jen worried that she was going to puke while moving the couch after eating all the food. The cowboys picked up the detour clue and decided to do the couch detour. After Gary & Mallory failed with eating, Mallory felt really bad. She told her dad that she could throw up and try again. He said it was okay and they would do the couch task. They didn’t realize the other teams had failed too so they weren’t as behind the other teams as they thought.

Shockingly, Kynt couldn’t carry the couch very far before he said he needed to stop and rest. Other times, he would just start yelling, “It’s going to fall! It’s going to fall!” before dropping it. Vyxsin told him to quit whining. Zev & Justin picked up their couch. Zev started complaining about his back immediately. Justin told him it was a long walk, so get used to it. The cowboys arrived to pick up the couch right when Zev & Justin left. They were so excited to see another team. They knew they were still in the game. Zev & Justin were not as thrilled to see the cowboys.

The Globetrotters were the first to finish the couch task and get the next clue telling them to go to Salzburg. While driving in the car, they were commenting on how the task was not easy. Big Easy asked who Freud was again. Flight Time informed him that it was a dude that had dreams about sleeping with him mom. Close enough to the truth! Gary & Mallory finally got to the couch to start the detour. They were probably as far behind as they originally thought.

By some force of nature, even with all of Kynt’s whining, the goths dropped the couch off in second place. The sisters were just behind them so they did make up some time, most likely due to Kynt. Zev & Justin got to the university, but couldn’t find the room to drop off the couch. They got bad directions and carried it up three flights of stairs before they were told that it was on the first floor. The cowboys passed them up in the process. That left Gary & Mallory to be the last team to deliver the couch. They saw that all the other couches were there already so they were in last place.

While driving, Vyxsin was having a nervous breakdown due to Kynt not following directions again. She yelled at him for not turning where he was supposed to. He said the sign didn’t say Salzburg so he didn’t turn. She started yelling at him for being psycho. He responded, “I’m not doing anything. I’m driving a car very calmly.” They still managed to find Salzburg though. How sad.

Chimney Sweeps

When the teams arrived at Salzburg, they found the easiest road block ever. A team member had to put on a  chimney sweep outfit, go up on a roof, use a tool to drop a ball down three holes and bring it back up. Then they went back downstairs to get the clue out of a box. It seemed too easy and it was too easy since everyone got it done quickly. No one was able to catch up. Everyone did it in the order they arrived in. It was a bit boring and the only exciting part was watching Big Easy in the goofy outfit.

The clue told the teams to head to Villa Trapp for the pit stop. The Globetrotters took off for it when Zev & Justin arrived. That meant that Zev & Justin passed the sisters, goths and the cowboys. Zev did the task and told a guy “I choose you!” as his chimney sweep helper. Okay Pokemon! Zev was almost done when the goths and sisters arrived. All of those teams left before the cowboys showed up. Cord decided to do it. He said he might have found a new calling as a chimney sweep and it was not his first day using a rope. They were finishing up when Gary & Mallory arrived to do the task. Gary did it as fast as Gary does all tasks.

Pit Stop

The Globetrotters drove for a bit before they stopped to get directions. Zev & Justin got directions as soon as they left the road block. The Globetrotters did see the pit stop, but missed the turn. They had to turn around, which let Zev & Justin get to it first. They came in first place and both received a Ford Focus. They went outside to see their cars. The Globetrotters checked in second.

The sisters had to stop and get directions while the Goths actually had a map, but not sure how much that helps them since they can get lost with a map and compass. The cowboys got directions right after leaving the road block. The sisters drove in the wrong direction since they were told it was “forbidden” that they were going down one street. That allowed the goths to get to the pit stop before them. The sisters and cowboys arrived at the pit stop at the same time. That left Gary & Mallory to come in last place. They were saved by a non-elimination leg so they would have to do an extra task the next leg, but they were still in it.

The order the teams checked into the pit stop:

  1. Zev & Justin
  2. Globetrotters
  3. Goths
  4. Sisters
  5. Cowboys
  6. Gary & Mallory


  1. Did you think that road block was a little too easy? They usually make them somewhat difficult.
  2. Do you prefer the non-elimination legs or the keep racing legs? Or do you wish they didn’t have neither one in the race and eliminated someone each leg?
  3. Do you think the cowboys will stop picking bad flight times that make them have to catch up the entire race? They are their worst competition!

One Reply to “Amazing Race: I’ll Be Back”

  1. This was a pretty good leg as it allowed me to remember my time in Salzburg and riding the fun slide in the salt mine with my little leather butt apron – I was sad there was not a road block built around this! Also, I think more pastries should have been featured because they were super good. Kynt was unbelievable this leg – I was super shocked they were not the last team especially with all the drama during driving.

    1. It did seem rather easy especially since it didn’t change the order at all. Or maybe all the teams lucked out and had the team member who would do awesome at it do it.

    2. I think the keep racing legs are wild! It must be really hard to keep going when you are so focused on getting to a pit stop. I’m always torn over the non elimination legs, sometimes I am glad cuz I like the team, sometimes I’m sad cuz I feel the team needs to go. I am not good at keeping track of the statistics so I wonder if a team that was last, but not eliminated has ever won?

    3. I hope the cowboys can play it a little smarter, I don’t disagree with the 2 connection issue, but it back fired on them and this was a really tight leg, it was okay in the end but could easily have been a disaster.

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