Joel is the owner of an extract company. He found some way to make extracts even better than they were originally so he has made himself a nice living. He is tired of his job, he’s tired that his wife is no longer sexually interested in him and he is pretty much tired of his life. He wants to sell his company since he doesn’t want to deal with his employees that he feels need to be treated like children to get through the work day. A big company wants to buy out his company, which makes him thrilled that he’ll be away from all of it soon. Then one of his employees gets injured on the job and the company sale is on hold until that is finished. Add on top of all of this, a grifter named Cindy has breezed into town trying to get money where she can.


Mike Judge has made a movie that is funnier thanĀ Idiocracy, but it does not live up to the brilliance of Office Space. It has a lot of potential and I think it could have been so much better, but there was a lot of wasted opportunity. I love con movies, but you never really get to see very much of the cons Cindy is pulling. She is shown talking to the guy that hurt himself when she is already his girlfriend. Why didn’t we get to see her wooing him? We never hear her convince him to sue instead of taking the settlement. We learn about it when someone else tells Joel. It made the movie seem fragmented and like we were missing the fun parts. Most of movie consists of people telling other people what happened. The audience doesn’t get to watch it happen, which is the point of watching a movie.

There is another subplot where Joel sets up a guy to sleep with his wife so he won’t feel guilty about wanting to sleep with Cindy. There is so much possible hilarity in this horribleĀ idea, but once again, we get to see the idea being hatched, but not really see it happening. Since we aren’t shown it happening or only see it in how Joel envisioned how it had happened when someone told him about it, I thought for a good portion of the movie that it never really happened. That added unnecessary confusion.

Is it Mike Judge’s fault since it seems like he didn’t film the interesting and possibly funny parts of the movie? Is that how it was written? If so, I still think he could have filmed to make it seem more interesting. I liked the actors in the movie, but they just weren’t given a lot to do. It was pretty harmless overall, but I was more disappointed in it since it could have been a lot better.

Rating: C

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