MWG: Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Hanging out at Marci’s house, she was checking out what was available to watch on Netflix Instant Play. When she realized I had never seen this movie before, she was shocked and picked it as her movie of the month.


Netflix synopsis: While the final Mad Max film can’t outrun the first two, director George Miller delivers an awesome depiction of order amid chaos. Max (Mel Gibson) becomes embroiled in the internal tensions of Bartertown, ruled by the imperious Aunty Entity (Tina Turner). Will ex-cop Max turn into an assassin? Featuring the inventive Thunderdome fight sequence, this installment offers plenty of action. Adam Cockburn and Bruce Spence co-star.

RT Score: 81%
RT Consensus: Beyond Thunderdome deepens the Mad Max character without sacrificing the amazing vehicle choreography and stunts that made the originals memorable.

Watch it and review it!


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