MWG: Legend

MWG: Legend

Stacy wanted to continue on the theme we have had going on this year with what she calls, “The Tim Curry classic Legend.”


Netflix synopsis: Jack (Tom Cruise) lives peacefully in a mythical forest with animals and goblins until fate leads him to battle a host of terrors to rescue a captive unicorn. If he loses, the world plunges into an eternal ice age. Meanwhile, he must save the beautiful princess Lili (Mia Sara) from the clutches of the demonic Lord of Darkness (Tim Curry). Director Ridley Scott’s cut of this epic fantasy adventure includes 20 more minutes of footage.

RT Score: 52%

Watch it and review it!

2 Replies to “MWG: Legend”

  1. Extra 20 min… Score! I hope it’s more Tim Curry evilness though the idea of living peacefully in a mythical forest with animals and goblins sounds rather appealing right now.

  2. I watched this movie sometime when I was in junior high. I just remember being bored with it. Well, it hasn’t aged well since it still bored me. We watched this with Dawnetta and Aaron on Christmas day.

    Things we noticed:
    – in fairy land, there seems to be stuff flying in the air at all times — flowers, leaves, random spring type stuff
    – Tom Cruise was very dirty and we really wished he was wearing pants
    – Tim Curry not showing up to the very end of the movie was sad. He should have been in it more.
    – Princess lady grew a unibrow once she was made all evil at the end. Jer also said he could have filled her dress out better than she did.

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