2 Replies to “NBC Upfronts”

  1. NBC can eat a bag of dicks, man. I don’t understand how you’d hold Parks and Rec. instead of Community, or either of them at all in favor of that ridiculous thing they’re putting on in place. I don’t know why they have to constantly mess with a good thing.

  2. I agree! Can’t they try new comedies on another night or if they don’t want to deal with reruns (even though sitcoms rerun very well), they can just hold all the new shows until the reruns start in December and January. Poor Parks and Recreation though. They actually didn’t take a hiatus since Amy Poehler is pregnant. They decided to keep shooting so that the show wouldn’t have to take a production break for her maternity leave. They have episodes for an entire season, but they are still holding it. Very rude!

    Also, once Amy is able to have the internoodle again, I know she’ll be here yelling about them canceling Life. 🙂

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