MWG: Red Sonja

MWG: Red Sonja

Amy has picked Red Sonja as our next movie pick. She picked it to go along with other recent choices of Conan, Clash of the Titans, and Willow. It has the common theme of fighting in it. I also think they are trying to do a remake of this movie too.


Netflix synopsis: After her family is brutally murdered, a young woman named Sonja (Brigitte Nielsen) sees “red” and becomes a master of the sword — all to seek revenge on the evil queen responsible for the tragedy that snuffed out her kin. Directed by Richard Fleischer, the film co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger (in one of his earliest roles) and features Sandahl Bergman as the evil queen.

RT Score: 17%

Watch it and review it!

2 Replies to “MWG: Red Sonja”

  1. You are welcome in advance! This epic tale of fighting with not a lot of clothes on used to show up on USA or TBS or one of the cable channels in the summer and I would watch it all the time! If only I still had summers off to enjoy such cinematic masterpieces with some A&W rootbeer and pringles.

  2. We watched this movie with Dawnetta and Aaron as a Christmas fun time movie. It was hilarious! We were obsessed with everyone having really pointy outfits and weapons. There was so much pointiness!

    We did not pay attention to the plot. We thought the little prince guy was a dork. We also found it entertaining to watch the guy turn green and disappear when he touched the glowing green ball. Right before he touched it, Aaron yelled “Don’t touch it, it’s evil!” Then he was gone so it was true!

    Finally, we laughed that Arnold got top billing even though he wasn’t the lead in the movie.

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