Amazing Race: Bitter Beer Face

Amazing Race: Bitter Beer Face

Amazing Race
We Are No Longer in the Bible Belt

They have had eating challenges before, but I’m not sure what took them so long to have a beer challenge. I know they have done it as a speed bump, but not as one that everyone had to participate in. I am wondering if they stayed away from alcohol in case anyone had an issue with it. I wonder if they make people answer questions about if they would be opposed to drinking for a challenge.

The cowboys were the first team to leave the pit stop at 10:57 pm.

Clue: Teams had to fly to Frankfurt, Germany and then catch a train to Hamburg, Germany. Once there, teams had to race on foot through the city to find Jungfernstieg Street.

Transportation Fun Times

The cowboys headed straight to a travel agency and bought the first flight that was leaving the next day at 11:10 am. It appears that everyone ended up on the same flight so everyone was on even ground going into the leg.

The detectives were sick of being at the bottom of the pack. They must know that happened because they stated they would win each leg before the race started. The lesbians said they were going to be respectful to each other on the leg. Let’s see how long that lasts. Dan talked about he was not a big fan of traveling, but he’s doing it since his brother had the dream to be on the show for a long time.

All the teams were headed to Bueno Aires. Then the cowboys and detectives were going to Frankfurt via Paris, France. The lesbians and brothers had a direct flight to Frankfurt from Bueno Aires. The married parents, father/daughter, models and Big Brother were all going to Frankfurt via San Paulo.

The first flight landed at 2:30 pm. The cowboys and detectives got their tickets for a train that left at 3:37 pm. The second flight arrived at 3:00 pm. The lesbians knew the train they wanted to catch. They ran to the ticket counter and got the tickets with three minutes to get to the train. They said they could do it. The brothers decided to work with them.  They went running down many stairs and finally got to the platform right when the train was leaving. Doh! The third flight landed at 3:40 pm and those on that last flight caught the next train with the lesbians and brothers. The lesbians were sad they weren’t ahead of the rest of the pack, while the brothers were happy to know where the other teams were.

Free Falling

The cowboys and detectives arrived in Hamburg. The cowboys found the street and the clue box first. It was an intersection, which I believe they had before on the show, but it had been so long, I forgot about it. One team must work with another team in order to complete a challenge.  They had to find the detectives, who were wandering around lost and direct them to the box so they could complete the task. They opened up the clue to find a road block. It asked who was ready to reach new heights.

Road Block: One team member from each team had to go by train to Hamburg Harbor where they had to perform a 150-foot bungee jump.

Jet and Michael decided to do it, so they went off on the train. Meanwhile, the other teams arrived in Hamburg. The married parents, lesbians and father/daughter arrived at the intersection at the same time. The married parents wanted to work with the father/daughter team. Heidi said the father/daughter team came from a good family and her and Joe also came from a good family, so they were sticking together. I guess the lesbians don’t come from good families? Eh? Joe and Allie decided to do it. The married parents had picked up a local, Klaus, to help them so he showed them the train to catch.

The brothers showed up so they teamed up with the lesbians. Dan and Brandy decided to do it. Brandy said they had agreed previously that she would handle any heights task. She said before the race, they had gone bungee jumping in order to conquer their fears, but Brandy said she had never wanted to do it again. Well, too bad! Dan and Brandy found a local lady that was willing to show them around.

That left Big Brother and the models to team up.  Jordan and Caite decided to do it. They found the train station. Caite figured out the map while Jordan let her since she was confused. Brent told the camera that Catie was good with directions since she had spent time in New York. They got on a train and as soon as it started going, they were asking passengers if they were going the right way and they weren’t. Good with directions!

Jet and Michael got off their train, followed the route markers and found the bungee area. They asked Jet if he wanted to take off his hat, but he said it would stay on his head. It did! Amazing. They received their next clue. It said they couldn’t open it until they reunited with their team mates.  Joe and Allie arrived next at the bungee jump as Jet and Michael were getting on the train back.  Joe said that his knee was hurting a bit, but he was working through it. Dan and Brandy showed up as Joe and Allie were headed up. Brandy saw them jump and said she couldn’t believe they were upside down. Isn’t that how you bungee jump? Joe was a tad worried about his knee, but thought it would be okay.

Jet and Michael arrived back at the intersection and opened the clue.

Clue: Teams had to make their way to the statue of German’s first emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm. Teams were no longer intersected.

The detectives found a taxi and the cowboys headed back to the metro station. Dan and Brandy were headed up. Caite and Jordan arrived at the bungee jump. They didn’t waste too much time going in the wrong direction since they couldn’t head up until Dan and Brandy were done.  When they were done and headed back, Caite and Jordan were still getting their gear on. The detectives arrived at the statue and found the clue box.  It was a detour.

Football and Vittles

Detour: In Soccer, teams had to go to a 100-year old stadium and then kick a soccer ball from the penalty line to hit five targets suspended in the goal. In Sauer-Kraut, teams had to find a certain restaurant. While a band plays the sauerkraut polka, the team had to finish off a plate of sauerkraut before the song ends. If they don’t finish in time, they get a new plate and have to try again.

The detectives decided to do the sauerkraut one. The cowboys were still on the train and realizing they took the long way to get to the statue. Joe and Allie arrived at the intersection. Both of the teams took cabs. Caite and Jordan finally made their bungee jump.

The detectives arrived at the restaurant. When they saw the plate, Michael said, “Oh this will be easy.” Louie said, “Is that it?” Michael said, “We eat things as big as Jet and Cord so we won’t have a problem with this.” Louie had taken about two bites when he saw that Michael was over halfway done with the plate.  They finished before the song was over and Louie licked the plate when they were done. They found something in the race they were good at! They got their next clue.


Clue: Teams had to make their way to Haifisch Bar and share a glass boot filled with beer. Once they finished off their boot, they would get their next clue.

Ah, I want a beer task. I would win at it! The detectives got back in their cab and headed off to the bar around the time that Dan and Brandy made it back to the intersection. The cowboys finally got out of the train and found the statue. They got there at the same time as the married parents and father/daughter. They all decided on soccer. The cowboys had to go find a cab while the other teams took off in ones they already had. Caite and Jordan made it back to the intersection. They were told by locals to take the train so they all got on the metro.  Apparently the lesbians and brothers hadn’t gone anywhere yet so they seemed to get on a train after the models and Big Brother.

The detectives arrived at the bar. After taking a big drink, Michael handed it over to Louie. Michael said it was nasty and he didn’t drink beer. WAT! Louie just started chugging. Meanwhile, the married parents and father/daughter arrived at the stadium. They had to change into soccer outfits. Father/daughter started. They kicked five balls and Steve got one target. They had to retrieve their balls so they could try again.  The married parents started. When Joe went to kick, he said his knee was killing him. Is it the knee that the llama kicked or was it bad before the race started? Steve got another target while Joe and Heidi were having a tough time getting the ball off the ground.

The cowboys finally found a taxi and headed to the soccer field. The models and Big Brother arrived at the statue. The models decided to do soccer. They got directions from someone and started headed in that direction. I’m not sure if they were looking for a taxi or planning to walk there. Jeff convinced Jordan to eat sauerkraut so they found a taxi to head there. At the soccer field, both Allie and Steve got a target so they only had one left.  Steve got the final one so they were done.  They headed off to the bar. The married parents decided they needed to switch detours since they hadn’t hit any targets yet.

The cowboys arrived at the field when father/daughter were getting back into their cab to leave. The cowboys took a couple practice kicks to figure out what it was like to kick a soccer ball, and then they started nailing the targets like they had been doing it forever.  It was impressive. The show also loves to play Indiana Jones theme music when the cowboys are on screen. Back a the bar, I didn’t see Michael drink very much, but Louie was putting that beer away.  The bartender seemed impressed when they finished, probably because Louie drank most of it himself.  They got their next clue.

Clue: Teams had to make their way to Beatles-Platz, a monument to the Beatles that rose to fame playing American pop songs in Hamburg.  Teams had to run through Hamburg’s red-light district searching for the Indra club. It was the first place the Beatles played in the city of Hamburg.  It was the pit stop for the leg of the race.

While the detectives took off to the pit top, the lesbians and brothers arrived at the statue. Carol didn’t seem too into eating sauerkraut, but Brandy said she loved it. The brothers decided to do soccer. The models were still wandering the streets looking lost while Caite was being frustrated at being lost and wanting to ask someone for directions. Big Brother were pretty concerned that their taxi driver was driving them into the middle of nowhere. The taxi driver kept saying they were going in the right direction since he was relying on his GPS navigator, but Jeff didn’t trust it. He kept asking until the driver finally realized he had entered the address in it wrong. Jordan was thinking they should have done the soccer task.

Pit Stop

The driver for the detectives was explaining that where they were going had discos, pubs and sex shops. The detectives started laughing. They were dropped off near the Beatles monument and ran down the street a little until they found Indra. They walked in to find Phil and the mat. After howling a bit, probably from the massive amount of beer consumed, Louie was ready for Phil to tell them they were team number one. As the winners of the leg, they both won a Discover gift card for $5000 each.

Father/daughter arrived at the bar. Allie said it was the perfect challenge for her dad. He seemed to be single-handedly drinking the entire boot. Back at the soccer field, the cowboys hit their last three targets one right after another. They were off to the bar. Steve left a tiny bit of beer for Allie to drink and then they were off to the pit stop. Steve burped in the taxi and Allie just laughed at him. The models finally decided to find a taxi to take them to the soccer stadium.

The married parents arrived to eat the sauerkraut. They were so worried about how short the song would be, they inhaled the sauerkraut. They finished it before the song ended. They were off to the bar. Big Brothers were still headed back from nowhere. The lesbians arrived at the sauerkraut hall. Carol was daintily eating while Brandy was shoveling it in. Carol said she had a gag reflex. I believe that’s what wussy people say when they want to get out of an eating challenge.

The brothers arrived at the soccer field. Dan was very excited, saying that he had hoped there would be a soccer challenge in the race. On Dan’s second try kicking, he hit one of the targets. Jordon followed up by kicking the ball over the goal. Dan told Jordan they needed to stop wasting balls and time.  Dan got another target while the lesbians were busy licking their plate and getting their bar clue. Around that time, Dan finished up kicking the last target so they were off to the bar.

The married parents and cowboys arrived at the bar at the same time. Joe was hustling Heidi into the bar to get to the clue first while the cowboys took their time getting their backpacks and walking into the bar. They both found their boots of beer around the same time. One of the cowboys said he had never drank a beer before. WAT!

Steve and Allie found the pit stop and checked in with Phil in second place. The married parents were about halfway done. Heidi was drinking while Joe said that he liked drinking beer, but not sure about drinking that much that fast. Jet said the beer tasted nasty as Cord started drinking it. Joe looked like he was going to puke a few times and even looked like he was going to puke on Heidi. Classy! They finished and got their next clue. While reading it, Joe stopped again to almost puke. This seemed to disturb Heidi greatly.

The Big Brother team arrived at the sauerkraut challenge. They were asking how long the song would last and if they could play as slow as possible. Jordan was holding her nose while eating it so she was not eating a lot or eating it very quickly. The models showed up at the soccer field. Caite was excited since she had played soccer since she was five. She hit the first target on her first kick. Back at the sauerkraut, the song ended and the plate was still halfway full. They decided to switch to soccer. Jeff was yelling at himself for not picking the athletic task to being with. Jordan told him that he was confident he could eat it all.  During one kick, Caite lost her balance and fell really weird. She said her leg was cramping really bad and she wasn’t sure why. She was mad at herself for having problems with something she knew she could do. She refused to give up though and continued with the task.

The lesbians showed up at the bar. The cowboys were still drinking slowly. They were a bit tipsy. The married parents checked in with Phil in third place. At the bar, Jet was laughing at the locals laughing at him being drunk. Cord was pointing out that they were almost done.  They finished up while the lesbians were still drinking. Jet said that he never in his life wanted another beer. The lesbians finished up right after the cowboys. Carol let out a huge burp in the cab. They were off to the pit stop. Caite was able to make three out of the five shots to finish up the soccer task. They were off to the bar.

The brothers arrived at the bar. Jordan said they were going to be trashed when they were done with their beer. The cowboys were let off in the red light district and commented that they weren’t in the bible belt after seeing all the sex clubs.  The cowboys found the pit stop and checked in with Phil in fourth place. Big Brothers showed up at the soccer field and started kicking. Jeff got one right away. The brothers finished up drinking and were off to the pit stop. The lesbians found the pit stop and checked in with Phil in fifth place.

When the models arrived at the bar and saw the boot, Caite said, “Good thing you like beer!” She apparently did not like it at all, so she made a face each time she drank some of it. The brothers could not believe they were in the red light district drunk. Then they found Phil and checked in with him for sixth place. At the soccer field, I think Jeff was the only one that hit any targets. They were off to the bar. Brent was busy puking outside the bar since he was most likely drinking almost all of the beer. Caite was inside waiting on him instead of finishing up the beer. The locals inside were laughing at them. Brent asked her to finish it, but she said she couldn’t so he did. They were off to the pit stop. Caite was sure they were last, but after they left Big Brother showed up. Jeff was thrilled that the task was to drink beer. He said, “I’m the champion.” I think he might have drank it all himself. They took off to the pit stop hoping they were not the last team.

The models were having troubles finding the pit stop. Caite also couldn’t walk fast due to what she did to her leg on the soccer field. Big Brother were trying to find it too. The models found it first and checked in with Phil for seventh place. They really thought they were last so they were thrilled they weren’t out of the race yet. That left Big Brother to check in with Phil for last place. Phil made them think they were eliminated before he told them it was a non-elimination leg. They would have to do a speed bump in the next round so they would have an extra task that the other teams would not have to complete.

Order teams checked into the pit stop:

  1. Louie & Michael – Detectives
  2. Steve & Allie – Father/Daughter
  3. Joe & Heidi – Married Parents
  4. Jet & Cord – Cowboys
  5. Carol & Brandy – Lesbians
  6. Dan & Jordan – Brothers
  7. Brent & Caite – Models
  8. Jeff & Jordan – Big Brother


  1. Was anyone else besides me actually glad that the Big Brother team wasn’t eliminated from the race? Even though they are dumb, I think they are sweet and mean well so I’ve come to like them.
  2. Do you think that Caite should have drank the rest of the beer while Brent was outside puking from drinking almost all of it?
  3. Do you think that the father/daughter team might be the stealth team to beat since they have done well the last couple legs, but they aren’t very exciting to watch for sound bites?

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  1. This one was kinda confusing to me with all the timing and locations – also this is around the time when I start expecting the VHC team names to show up on the screen so I have to remember who is who!

    1. Even though I do not agree with non elimination rounds, I was glad they got to stay.
    2. Yes, since I’v had to drink beer, she should have done it too! I was impressed with the way she stuck with the soccer even though there was a bit of a temper tantrum there.
    3. They could be the stealth team! That would be kinda cool.

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