MWG: Willow

MWG: Willow

Jeremy had February’s pick so he finally decided on a movie at the beginning of March. He kept using some excuse like he had homework to do or something. Whatever! Anyway, I think this movie pick came about due to someone mentioning it on television or something happened that reminded Jer of playing the Willow video game. I never knew there was a video game, but watched this movie a lot when I was younger. I remember thinking it was awesome, but I don’t remember much else about it.  Apparently, critics did not agree with that view, but who is to argue with my eighth-grader thoughts, which is how old I was when this came out. 🙂

Netflix synopsis: After finding a baby adrift in a river, a dwarfish “Nelwyn” named Willow (Warwick Davis) must protect it from an evil queen (Jean Marsh), battling dragons and vanquishing evildoers with help from the warrior Madmartigan (Val Kilmer) in a bid to shield the infant from harm. Ron Howard directs this George Lucas-produced fantasy-adventure that received a pair of Oscar nods for sound editing and visual effects.

RT Score 48%

Watch it and review it!

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  1. Remember when Val Kilmer used to be hot? That’s what I mainly got out of watching this movie again. I remembered the goofy plot line, crazy pixies, and wacky magic. That was all well and good, but it was a bit sad to see Val Kilmer looking so good when he looks so bad now. Tiny tear.

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