MWG: Boondock Saints

MWG: Boondock Saints

Stacy had November’s movie pick. She picked the highest rated movie in her queue that others did not seem to have seen yet.  It also has a bonus of being an Instant Play movie.


Netflix synopsis: Sensing a God-given mission to cleanse the earth of all evil, twin brothers Conner (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy (Norman Reedus) set out to rid Boston of crime. But instead of joining the police force, these Irish Americans decide to kick criminal butt their own way. Willem Dafoe co-stars in writer-director Troy Duffy‘s crime thriller as the openly gay FBI special agent who’s assigned to investigate the siblings’ activities.

RT Score 16%

Watch it and review it!


2 Replies to “MWG: Boondock Saints”

  1. I thought I had seen parts of this movie, but while watching this, I apparently had seen parts of another movie which was much worse. This one was pretty decent.

    I liked how the movie would show up to the violence and then cut to the aftermath Willem Dafoe’s cop character trying to figure out what happened. After he was done figuring it out, then it would actually show what happened. I also was a fan of Sean Patrick Flanery in it since he’s pretty hot.

    Willem Dafoe’s character was confusing. He was entertaining as the FBI guy, but being gay seemed to be thrown into the story for no real reason. Also, when he dressed up in drag at the end, I didn’t get how anyone would think he was woman. He was the ugliest woman ever. I was also distracted by the guy they called the Funny Man, since he looks just like the lead singer of Miike Snow.

    Overall, it was an entertaining shoot-em-up movie, but nothing stellar. I’m still confused why some people find it so awesome. I just found it to be pretty okay.

    Rating: B

  2. Good movie. I like the action. Willem Dafoe looks pretty good in a dress =) I dig a good shoot’em up bang bang movie.

    Good pick Hyp!

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