Inglourious Basterds


The trailer is a bit misleading. I really thought the movie would be centered around the Basterds killing Nazis with Brad Pitt’s goofy accent. They were only part of an ensemble. It also involves a women who escapes the Nazis to start a new life as a cinema owner, an undercover agent/ German actress, and the lead Nazi guy who is hunting everyone down.  The movie was set up into chapters, which actually broke it up enough so it didn’t seem as long as I think it would have otherwise.

It did contain many long dialogue scenes, but everyone should expect by now from Tarantino. I found them entertaining, and not boring like I did in Death Proof. They were more like his scenes in his other movies. I really loved the voice overs from Samuel L. Jackson. I also loved the huge propaganda-style lettering when Pitt was introducing some of more famous Basterds to a captured Nazi. Finally, I loved that sometimes the subtitles were in English and other times, they were still in French, like “oui” was sometimes “yes” and other times it was still “oui.” It gave the movie a nice amount of quirk.

I love Brad Pitt when he’s funny so I really enjoyed him in this movie. I was surprised how much I liked Eli Roth as the Bear Jew. I liked Shosanna and the German solder who had a crush on her and I even liked the crazy Jew Hunter. I didn’t really care for the German actress/undercover agent. She just bored me.

I loved the ending and found it very satisfying. I would rate this movie around the middle of the pack of Tarantino films. It might be one that I enjoy more with repeat viewings like Death Proof. It still can’t compete with the classics Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, especially when I just rewatched the latter on cable the other day and was amazed how well it still holds up.

Rating: B+

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