Transporter 3


While watching Transporter 3, I thought it was the same plot as the first one or was it the second one? Maybe both. Then I¬†realized that I’ve never seen the second one. I thought I did. I might as well have since it seems to be the same movie over and over again. The first one was fun. The only way this one is different is Jason Statham takes his shirt off while fighting in new and interesting ways. Beyond that, it makes no sense!


The transporter guy (don’t remember his name and it doesn’t matter) is done transporting things, but he gets pulled back in for one last job! There’s a woman in the car that has to go with him. I figured at this point, she was what he was transporting, but he acted like she wasn’t. Beware of spoiler alerts, but she is the package. Oh my god! Isn’t that the plot of the first movie? I’m not sure why he would be shocked since I’m guessing it was the plot of the second movie too, but maybe they mixed things up and I missed out.

The other confusing plot point was why he had to transport her. The bad guys that wanted the girl transported kept showing up at the destination spots! Why? If they wanted to use her for ransom (more spoiler alerts here, I guess), then why did they hire someone to drive her to another country and then meet up there at the same time to fight with Jason Statham? I think I have answered my own question.¬† The whole point of the movie was just to fight with Jason Statham and those were the best parts of the movie. The chase scenes were not as good as they were in the first movie. Overall, the first movie was more fun and didn’t cause my head confusion with trying to figure out the plot. I’m not sure why I was trying, but apparently I was too sober watching it.

One last thing if you watch the movie. A guy tries to steal his car and transporter guy comes crashing through the driver’s side window and kicks the guy out of the car. It’s all very cool, except his windows are supposed to be bulletproof so how’d he kick it out? Don’t worry though. In the next scene, not only is his window complete, it is also bullet proof again. Magic!

Rating: C


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