Rachel Getting Married

Rachel Getting Married


Kim is a former model who is released from rehab for a few days so she can attend her sister’s wedding. Kim is used to being the center of attention. When things, God forbid, actually center on her sister for the wedding weekend, Kim makes sure to bring all the attention back to her. She arrives and immediately blames everyone for watching her too closely and not trusting her to do anything on her own. If people actually try to get on with what they are doing without her, she brings up what step she is in rehab and once again blames others for her problems. She’s a very pleasant person.

These scenes were the most interesting part in the movie though since something was actually happening. Seeing someone be so selfish and not wanting to admit to themselves what they have put their family through is amazing. When the movie isn’t focused on Kim and actually focuses on the wedding, it becomes boring. The entire movie feels like you are watching someone’s home movies of a wedding that takes place over an entire weekend. We get to watch the rehearsal dinner including many toasts—some are amusing and some are as boring as they are at weddings that you attend of people you hardly know. We get to watch the wedding and the reception. It just drags on and on in parts.

When the movie finally comes to the end, it was nice to see a bit of growing up occur in Kim. I just would have found it nice if I didn’t have to be bored to death with the entire wedding. I enjoy going to weddings, but seeing one that I am not attending is not worth it. I’m not getting free cake and that is a crime.

Rating: C-

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