TAR: Mai Thai Trannies

TAR: Mai Thai Trannies


Amazing Race
Rooting Around in People’s Mouths Could Be Unpleasant

Why do people leave things in taxis? Did they learn nothing from last season when a passport was left and lost in a taxi? Yes, the big backpacks are annoying, but take them and all your important stuff with you!

Order teams left the pit stop:

  1. Tammy & Victor – 9:27 pm
  2. Jamie & Cara – 12:31 am
  3. Mark & Michael – 12:46 am
  4. Margie & Luke – 12:53 am
  5. Kisha & Jen – 1:05 am

Clue: Teams flew to Bangkok, Thailand. Once there, they had to go to the outskirts of town to a boat yard and search the grounds for their next clue.

I didn’t realize that the lawyer siblings were so far ahead of the cheerleaders! The cheerleaders tried to make up time immediately by freaking out on the locals before even finding a taxi outside the pit stop. They asked a guy if he was a taxi. He said he was, but they didn’t believe him. Why did they ask him in the first place? They went over to ask a cop, but didn’t appreciate the gas station guy trying to answer too. Jamie started shoving her hand in the gas station guy’s face telling him to shut up so the cop could talk. Then they ended up with the original bewildered cab driver. I think if I was the driver, I’d just not take their money and wait for someone else. Later on, at the airport, everyone got on the same 7:25 am flight to Bangkok so there was no airport drama.

Bangkok, Thailand


When the teams arrived in Bangkok, Margie & Luke were the first team to get into a cab and head to the boat yard.  The sisters ended up passing Margie & Luke, but that didn’t help them since their cab driver had to pull over and ask for directions. Margie & Luke’s cab driver had to ask too. The sisters apparently got different directions so they were not going the right way. Their cab driver had to ask for more directions to get back on track. The rest of the teams were bunched up together.  Margie & Luke were the first teams to arrive at the boat yard and find the clue, which was a road block.

Propeller Work

Road Block: It asked who was ready to propel their team forward. One team member had to figure out how to attach a propeller to a long-tail boat. It would only work if it was secured the right way. They would get their next clue once it worked properly.


Luke picked his mom to do it. She started to work on attaching the propeller when the cheerleaders arrived at the boat yard. Jamie asked Cara if she wanted to do it, but Cara said she didn’t know what it would be. Yes, that is the point of the road block. You pick the person and then figure out what they need to do. This isn’t the first leg.  Jamie said she would do it. Margie found the road block to be easy so she finished when Jamie barely got started. Margie joined Luke in the boat and they took off in it after they received their next clue.

Clue: Teams had to take their boat through the Bangkok canals. Using a provided map, teams had to navigate and find the Peninsula Pier to find their next clue.

Margie & Luke took off. Jamie was still working on the propeller. Tammy & Victor and Mark & Michael arrived at the boat yard. Tammy picked Victor to do the road block and Mark said he would do it. When Jamie saw the other two teams arrive, she called to have her propeller check. When the guy had to stop to let Mark and Victor walk in front of him, charming Jamie yelled, “Move if you aren’t participating!” She must be the joy of the competition for the other teams.  She did get her propeller approved so they took off in the canals. While reading the clue, Jamie said they needed to get their bags from the cab.   Their boat had to turn around. Cara said to not let the other teams know why she was grabbing the bags. I guess they wouldn’t figure it out? Probably not since the cheerleaders didn’t figure it out when they saw Margie & Luke take off with their bags in the boat and they hadn’t returned.


While working on the propeller,Victor said he was not very handy at these things, but he had seen how Jamie had done it, so he was trying to copy what she did. Tammy noticed Jamie and Cara running back on the dock. The sisters arrived at the docks and passed by the cheerleaders who were walking back to the cabs. Kisha had decided to do the propeller work. The cheerleaders paid their cab driver and grabbed their stuff. All the teams saw them walk back with their backpacks and get on the boat. Did they figure out what happened? The cheerleaders were finally off in search of the pier.

Margie was really enjoying the boat ride while Mark finished up the propeller. He jumped on the boat to read the clue while it took off. Then he said they needed their bags. Did no one notice what the cheerleaders were doing? Michael said they would come back there after they were at the pier. Oh really? They continued on without their stuff. Victor was still working on his propeller when Kisha finished it. She got on the boat and read the clue. They didn’t have their stuff either including Kisha’s shoes. Why did she take off her shoes? Jen said everyone’s stuff was over there so they just left. Did Tammy pick up on what was going on? Victor finished the propeller and they got the clue. Their propeller didn’t work so they didn’t get to leave yet. Victor had to fix it and then they finally received their clue. They didn’t have their stuff. Tammy did catch on that two teams didn’t get their bags, but they decided to just go get their bags, even though they were in last place. I think that was a good move.

Margie was thrilled that she saw no teams behind her. She thought they were going the right way. Cara was thrilled that they didn’t have to do anything in the brown, murky water. Just wait! It could still happen. Mark asked what was going to happen to their bags they left behind. Jen asked Kisha where their waist pack was located. Kisha said it was on the dock like she said. Jen thought she had been talking about the stuff in the taxi. Jen said they had to go back to get it. Kisha didn’t want to go back at that point and figured they would head back after the next clue. Jen steamed silently in the back of the boat. Margie & Luke found the pier and the next clue, which was a detour.

Party Taxi

Detour: Teams had to choose between two tasks that had to do with something ordinary that the Thailand people had turned into something unusual. In Broken Teeth, teams had to make their way to the Street of Happy Smiles. Once there, they had to go through 50 sets of dentures to find 5 that fit waiting patients. In Broken Record, teams had to pick a party taxi that contained an on-board karaoke system. While driving five miles, teams had to sing along with some locals in the taxi to a well-known Thai pop video repeatedly until they reached their destination.

Margie & Luke decided they would spare the people of Bangkok from their bad singing so they chose the teeth detour. They found a taxi and headed off. The cheerleaders arrived soon after. While they were reading and deciding on the detour, the brothers arrived. Mark was thrilled they had caught up, but noticed the cheerleaders had their backpacks. Michael’s response to that was, “Shoot…” The cheerleaders chose singing. The brothers got to the clue box, decided they needed their bags, but when they turned around, their boat was gone. They decided they needed to get back to the boat yard before moving onto the detour.

Margie & Luke found the street and then found a local who knew where the dentist was located. While they headed towards it, the sisters arrived at the detour clue box. Kisha headed off to do one of the detours, but Jen was really worried about their stuff, including their passports back at the boat yard. Kisha said they could do it after they were done with the detour. The sisters headed off to do singing. Tammy & Victor arrived at the clue box. Victor said that after how far they had gone in the boat, he was so glad they got their bags before coming. They decided to do the singing. The cheerleaders were still making their way through traffic when the brothers arrived at a water taxi spot. They asked how to get back to where they came from, but they said it was too far for them. Mark said they should just go do the singing. Mike said they had to go back to get their backpacks. Mark said they didn’t have enough money to go back. Mike said they couldn’t give up their backpacks (at least they had their passports!), but Mark seemed to be okay with not going back ever.


Margie & Luke found the dentist. They started putting in teeth in some random people! It was crazy. Jamie asked her cab driver if he knew where he was going since they were going through flooded streets. He said no, which she responded, “I can’t handle you right now.” Mark & Michael found a taxi cab. They asked him to call their cab driver that worked for the same company and have him meet them over there. Mark said he should meet him in Chinatown since they were close to it and the cab driver would have to drive farther away to meet them. Mike said that wasn’t rational and they had to wait for their bags. Mark said they didn’t need the bags for the task. They argued some more saying the same stuff over and over again.

Even though the cheerleaders headed towards Chinatown first for the singing detour, the sisters arrived there first. I believe it was karma doing payback on the cheerleaders being horrible to everyone. Each taxi cab had a group of transvestites ready to sing along with them in the taxi. The sisters picked their group and taxi  when the cheerleaders showed up right behind them. The cheerleaders got their group and they were both off driving and singing. The siblings showed up not too long after. Tammy squealed when she saw the transvestites by exclaiming, “Oh my gosh! It’s Mai Thai Trannies.”  They were off and singing with their crew.  Back at the dentist, Margie got one set to fit correctly, but Luke was having problems. He was trying to put bottom teeth onto the top, so it just wasn’t working. Margie got a second one done while Luke still struggled  with his first one.


Mark and Mike decided to take a taxi back to the boat yard to get their stuff. Mark was not happy with the decision. He wanted to finish the leg and give up the backpacks rather than be eliminated and have their clothes.  Back at the dentist, Margie finished off two more and just took over for Luke since he sucked at it. They finished the detour and got their next clue.

Clue: Teams made their way to the next pit stop. Teams had to race through the city to Phya Thai Palace.

Later, Jen said what was going through her head while in the party taxi. First, were those people in the taxi with her transvestites? Second, why did they wear so much makeup? Third, why were they in a party taxi with three transvestites? She had a good time with the karaoke though. Cara and Jamie were actually having fun with their detour. They were dancing around in the cab. Tammy & Victor found their singing crew very encouraging while they were singing.

Pit Stop


Margie & Luke found the pit stop and checked in with Phil in first place. As the winners of the leg, they won a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Back in the race, the sisters finished up their detour and received their next clue to the pit stop. They decided to just go to the pit stop. They got into a cab and said they had no money. The taxi driver said he wouldn’t take them anywhere so they got back out. They went wandering down the streets of Thailand with no money, and for Kisha, no shoes. The cheerleaders finished up the detour and tried to find a taxi that knew where the palace was located. The siblings got the pit stop clue after finishing their detour. Tammy had just seen Kisha running down the street barefoot. Tammy found a taxi and took off before the cheerleaders found one. The cheerleaders ran and found a taxi that was right behind the siblings and told their driver to follow them.

Kisha and Jen found a nice taxi driver that said he would drive them for free. They were headed to the pit stop. Mark & Michael were still going back to the boat yard before doing the detour. They were relieved when they arrived and saw one taxi cab still sitting there. They paid for their taxi ride to the boat yard and got into their original taxi cab to head to Chinatown to do the singing detour. Tammy & Victor’s cab driver didn’t know where the palace was located. While he stopped to get directions, the cheerleaders’ cab driver slowed down too. They asked him if he knew where the palace was located and he said he did. He was about to tell the other cab driver, but Jamie yelled at him not to do it and just drive off.  The sibling’s driver got the directions and they took off. Tammy noticed that the cheerleader’s driver went in a different direction. While heading to the pit stop, the sisters saw Tammy & Victor ahead of them on the road. Mark and Mike were thinking they would not have enough money, but they did have their stuff to bargain with when they arrived.

The cheerleaders arrived at the pit stop before the other teams so maybe their driver took a short cut. They were on the mat in second place. Tammy & Victor’s cab driver stopped at some different place, but said it was the palace. Maybe he stopped at the back side or something. They got out of the cab and saw that the sisters were in a cab behind them. They all started running, looking for Phil. The sisters arrived to the mat with the siblings right behind them. Phil told Kisha & Jen that they arrived in third place and the siblings arrived in fourth place. Phil then told the sisters that since they did not have their travel documents, they would not be able to leave Thailand without them, and he would not be able to check them in until they had them. They would need to go back and get them before being checked in. Doh!

Tammy & Victor were checked into the pit stop in third place. Kisha & Jen found a cab to take them back to the boat yard. The brothers showed up at the party taxi and bargained with the cab driver to take the rest of their money, a flashlight and a compass for payment. How would they get to the pit stop with no money? The brothers got into their singing too as they cruised through the streets. The sisters arrived back at the boat yard and ran to get their passports. They got into their original taxi to head back to the pit stop. The brothers finished the detour and bargained with a taxi driver. He said it would be 300 to get to the palace and Mark said he only had 200, but could also give him gifts. Oh, he didn’t give it all away to the last cab driver? Interesting.  Both of the teams were battling for last place.

The brothers arrived at the palace and negotiated the price with the last of their money and a watch. They ran to the mat and checked in with Phil. He said they had arrived in fourth place, but they broke a race rule by paying a bill with their personal possessions. Oh, when did that come into place? I thought other teams had done that in the past.  Was that just in past seasons or do they hate the brothers this season? Phil said it was a two-hour penalty. They did it twice so it was a total of four hours. Oh wow! The sisters arrived at the pit stop and Phil told them they arrived in fourth place. They couldn’t believe they were not in last place.  After the sisters were checked in, they did not make the brothers wait the remaining three hours before checking them in. Phil said it was a non-elimination leg so they were still in the race, but there was a lot of bad news. The remainder of their penalty  would be added to their release time at the beginning of the next leg. They would also have to complete a Speed Bump. They nodded and understood. I wonder what rules they will break next leg.

Order the teams arrived on the mat:

  1. Margie & Luke
  2. Jamie & Cara
  3. Tammy & Victor
  4. Kisha & Jen
  5. Mark & Michael


  1. Are all the race rules listed somewhere? I’m guessing they change each season, but some of them this season have surprised me.
  2. How are Mark & Michael still in the game? How are they clueless about the rules? Did they know them and forget them, did they not pay attention when they were told or do they just not care at the time they are breaking them?
  3. During the road block, I am guessing the clue said the other team member had to wait in the boat that wasn’t putting together the propeller. Wouldn’t that be a hint that they might do something on the boat? Why would they leave their bags in the taxis? At least half  the time, they continue on and do not go back to their taxis. I’m so surprised only one team (Margie & Luke) actually didn’t leave everything in the taxi.
  4. Did you wish it had not been a non-elimination round or were you glad the stuntmen brothers are still around? Do you think they will survive a three-hour penalty and a Speed Bump? Everyone could catch up at the airport again at the beginning of the next leg.

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  1. I didn’t think that Bangkok was as pretty as Phuket – so that is still where I want to go. The activities this time were not as fun, except karaoke taxi – I would totally do that!

    1. I do not know but I would like to see the rules and do the contestants get a copy? I could see myself forgetting some.

    2. I think that the brothers think what they are doing isn’t breaking the rules, because they have seemed surprised to hear that it was a rule.

    3. At one time I thought you always had to have your backpack unless doing a roadblock, so I am not sure what is up with people running away from their stuff! When they read the clue to go to the other pier, the should have gotten their stuff then.

    4. I like the non elimination rounds better now with the speed bump, I didn’t like it when they took money away and you had the contestants begging, sometimes from super poor people, that was very disturbing. You never know what can happen at the airport, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see another bunch up.

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