It is now Jim’s turn to pick our fabulous movie this month to watch and review. He has selected his fine, feature film of college campus shenanigans.



This satirical comedy — Hart Bochner‘s directorial debut, starring Jeremy Piven, Chris Young and Jon Favreau — follows the hijinks of a band of renegade college students out to unveil the idiocy behind blind political correctness at Port Chester University. The students live at the Pit, a dormitory for those who want a reprieve from the rabid PC environment. When their detractors decide to take them down, they fight to the hilarious end.

Rotten Tomato Score: 50%

Watch and review it!

4 Replies to “MWG: PCU”

  1. I watched this movie this morning. There was a funny line I wanted to quote but it left my brain. This movie reminded me of college. I should have gone to more parties! I also remembered that I love George Clinton.

    Now I’m going to go spend the rest of the day wondering just what was that line I wanted to remember….

  2. I was annoyed by the annoying people at first, then there was some funny stuff. I didn’t understand a lot with the preppie guys and the college president.
    Also I thought I wouldn’t like George Clinton but it was fun when he played.

  3. I forgot how much Jeremy Piven was in this movie. I thought he was a minor character. I remembered it being the kid checking out the college and David Spade trying to stop the big party. I’m not sure why I blocked Piven out so much since I remembered most of his lines, including him telling Jon Favreau’s character to not “be that guy” about wearing the band’s concert t-shirt to the concert.

    I’m not sure why they threw a girl in there for Piven’s character to like. It wasn’t needed and she really had no personality. It is a goofy movie, but nothing too outstanding. It is making fun of stereotypes so everyone in the movie is a stereotype. They don’t really move beyond it.

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