A teenager still sucks his thumb. His parents want him to stop, but he doesn’t care. Keanu Reeves is his hippie dentist that tries to hypnotize him to stop sucking his thumb. The kid is on the debate team because he likes a girl on the team. He stutters a lot and is self conscious. The school thinks he should be on Ritalin. He agrees and then everything turns around. He becomes super successful at school and wins everything at debate. His father starts to pay attention to him, and I started to wonder if the movie was a big pro-Ritalin movie.


It ends up not being a pro-Ritalin movie, but doesn’t really show any downside to it. It is just very odd and goes off in another direction. The movie is not very focused, which is ironic with the entire Ritalin subplot. There are parts where his kid brother hates him, his dad issues, and his mom being obsessed with a tv actor. He realizes that his parents aren’t perfect and have a lot more issues than he ever imagined. Keanu Reeves disappears and then shows up again, but I have no idea why he is even in the movie. His entire character is random.

Then the movie ends with no real resolution. It seems more like it had been going on long enough so it was time to be over. He learns some stuff about his parents, but he’s pretty much in the same spot he was when the movie began.

Grade: C-

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