NBC Fall Schedule

NBC Fall Schedule

NBC actually announced its upcoming schedule six weeks ago since they decided to be weird and avoid the upfronts where all the media shows up, even though I think they were at the upfronts yesterday so I guess they had two presentations? I don’t know.

Anyway, here are the officially canceled shows: 1 vs 100, Amnesia, Bionic Woman, Clash of the Choirs, Journeyman, Las Vegas, My Dad is Better Than Your Dad, Phenomenon, Quarterlife,  and The Singing Bee.

Chuck and Heroes are back on Mondays night with new show My Own Worst Enemy, which stars Christian Slater as a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde type character. Tuesdays will have Biggest Losers: Families and Law & Order: SVU. It will also have a new show Kath & Kim sandwiched in between them. On Wednesdays, Knight Rider will be starting off the night before going into Deal or No Deal and Lipstick Jungle, which I guess actually got renewed. I’m surprised. On Thursdays, it will be My Name Is Earl, 30 Rock and The Office. The spot left empty by Scrubs will be filled by Thursday Night Live which will be political specials. Then ER will finish out the night.

On Friday, it starts with new family adventure Crusoe, and then followed by another Deal or No Deal and Life, which got dumped on Friday nights. Oh no! Saturday is he usual Dateline and other crime show repeats that they did this past year. On Sunday nights, the fall will start out with football, then later on it will have Dateline and new show Merlin about a young King Arthur that stars Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After that,  Medium has moved to Sunday nights and then finishing out the night is new show Kings starring Deadwood‘s Ian McShane.

Friday Night Lights will be coming back, but as a midseason replacement.

Some of these new shows sound interesting, but I’d like to see some previews before I decide.

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  1. Still sad about Las Vegas 🙁
    So I will be watching: Chuck, Heroes, 30 Rock, The Office, ER and Life

    I may check out a couple of the new ones, but I will be like VH and wait for previews or until someone tells me I would like a show.

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