Iron Man

Iron Man

Iron Man

Directed: Jon Favreau
Starring: Robert Downey, Jeff Bridges, Terrence Howard, Shaun Toub, Gwyneth Paltrow

A billionaire industrialist gets captured by bad guys and builds a flying killing machine to escape and then do good stuff.

Awesome! What I loved about Iron Man was it was just a guy without any superpowers. He was just super smart and made a super awesome outfit. I enjoyed watching him build it in the cave and then improve it in his hi-tech house. I loved watching the trial and error with all the humor involved, including it launching him into the wall. The robots he had helping him in his hi-tech house had great personalities and reactions when he was yelling at them.

Going back to the main character just being a regular old billionaire with no superpowers, I did find it amusing that he didn’t feel like hiding behind a secret identity. I thought that he wouldn’t want to be bombarded, but then he was already bombarded when he was just known as Tony Stark of Stark Industries. He’s a brilliant, pompous, alcoholic womanizer, which is a nice change from other angsty super heroes.

Robert Downey Jr. looked very sexy in the movie, especially when he’s all dirty. He had great chemistry with Gwyneth Paltrow. I liked that her character was smart too. The sexual tension between the two of them can be felt. Terrence Howard wasn’t given too much to do, so I hope he has a bigger role in future movies. I never realized Jeff Bridges had such a huge head so that was alarming, but fit his character.

Most of the time when starting a superhero franchise, the first movie has so much set up, it can be boring, but I never felt that way with this movie. All of it was fun and exciting, and I can’t wait for the follow up movies.

Rating: A

2 Replies to “Iron Man”

  1. Dear Ironman,

    You are super awesome! I went to see your right after work and it was great! So thanks for being on at a good time.
    All of your actors were very good! I didn’t realize who Jeff Bridges was at first, but when I did, I said wow!
    Thanks for having robots that looked like robots, they were cute and I loved them!
    No thanks for having the super awesome Audi R8 because I want one very badly, but since I am not a bajillionaire super genius, I don’t have one 🙁
    I hope to see you in many more movies very soon!
    And I hope your friend gets to use the other suit because that would be nice.

    ps please make Coni a magical gall bladder so she can be a superhero too.

  2. If we go by comics canon, Jim Rhodes does get his own suit later as he becomes War Machine. It’s similar to Iron Man’s suit, but much more heavily armed.

    He also actually wears the Iron Man suit at times when Tony Stark is doing something else or trying to conceal his identity, but that doesn’t appear to be happening in the film versions.

    Awesome movie and I too would like his R8. One of my favorite parts was where him and Jon Favreau were racing the Audi and his Rolls Royce to the plane near the beginning.

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