Lost: Where For Art Thou Claire?

Something Nice Back Home

I forgot that Jack’s dad was also Claire’s dad. We knew Claire didn’t make it off the island, so I thought she blew up in the previous episode, but no, and then it looks like she might have gone missing after she wandered off with Jack’s dad. Did he take Claire so she wouldn’t raise Aaron? Then he sent a message to Jack via Charlie via Hurley that he shouldn’t raise Aaron either? Why does no one want anyone related to Aaron to raise him?

Sawyer was funny telling Miles that he had a 20 foot distance between Claire and him.

Jack’s surgery was still suspenseful, even though I knew he would be okay. It was nice to see him with Kate in the future, but then he had to go all crazy. What is Kate doing for Sawyer and can he make phone calls from the island now or was that just a message sent to her from him when she was on the phone?

Still not trusting Charlotte, but still trusting Faraday a bit, even though he seems like he would do what Charlotte wanted due to his crush on her.

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