MWG: The Big Lebowski

MWG: The Big Lebowski


I’m a sucky non-contributor to this movie watching group.  However, I have been charged with picking the movie for April and since the month is about halfway over, I can now reveal that the movie you need to watch is:


The Big Lebowski

It’s a modern classic that teaches us that it’s important to have an open beer in the car with you, in case the joint you try to flick out the window ends up in your lap.

From Netflix:

The writing-directing Coen brothers serve up their signature brand of offbeat comedy here. L.A. slacker “The Dude” (Jeff Bridges) suffers the indignity of having the favorite rug in his house peed upon by two thugs. (They’ve mistaken him for a millionaire whose wife owes on some bad bets.) From there, the plot contorts more than a rubberized freak at a circus sideshow. But it’s all good fun.

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  1. I think we should also review the recent string of Mutts cartoons that relate to this movie. And Entertainment Weekly had a great article about it as well.

  2. The first time I saw this movie, I was not a fan. I couldn’t really give a good reason, but didn’t watch it for a few years because I remembered not liking it. I have seen it a few times since then and each time I watch it, I like it more. I guess it just had to grow on me.

    Jeff Bridges is very impressive as the stoner dude. This time watching it, I spent more time laughing at how he would start talking, stop, repeat phrases, start talking again, and just give up what he was trying to say. He did it so perfectly and effortlessly that I completely bought his stoner schick. John Goodman was awesome as always and he really made me want to watch Raising Arizona, which is my absolute favorite Coen brothers movie. I had forgotten Steve Buscemi was in the movie. His character was so dumb, but sweet.

    The rest of the characters are typical weirdo Coen brother movie characters with Julianne Moore being awesome like she can be when she’s in a good movie. The nihilists are hilarious, especially with the ferret in the bath tub scene. I am a fan of Philip Seymour Hoffman, but he drives Jer crazy. I do believe he did not annoy Jer in this movie.

    I have come to appreciate this movie, even if I still like Raising Arizona better, but it did teach me the importance of a good rug really tying the room together.

    Rating: A-

  3. This is very exciting because it is my first movie review.

    I also had not seen this movie in several years. For some reason the only thing I remembered was that it was about bowling. How I could have forgotten the nihilists and the ferret I will never know. I even forgot the rug! I had to watch the movie in three parts because I was all doped up on Theraflu and kept falling asleep. I do think this half sleep state helped me understand the crazy bowling scene where Jeff Bridges is flying through the air. This movie also made me remember how much I love John Goodman. He is awesome. I also laughed every time Jeff Bridges tried to explain to someone that his name was “Dude” not Lebowski. I did not like the end of the movie though. I rewatched several chapters thinking I must have slept through a part that might explain why Steve Buscemi’s character had to die. I found nothing. Poor Donny didn’t have a big enough part in the drama to get picked on to die at the end. I give it a B+

  4. Oops. I tried to edit out me telling the ending but don’t seem to be able to edit posts here. Sorry to anyone wh hadn’t watched it yet.

  5. Looks like I cant edit that post cause I wasn’t registered even though I am now. I will spoil the movie for the world!

  6. This movie is so random, it is like talking to myself. But I like it. I watched it in Mexico and then I really wanted a white russian but I was too tired to go to the bar – so sad!
    My favorite part is the attack ferret! I totally want one! I like all the acting and I even like the voice over, which I normally don’t like, so that was interesting to me. The acting is excellent, I love John Goodman.
    Lots of funny lines from this movie!

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