Three generations of very messed up men who do everything to the extreme.

When walking out of the theater, after watching this movie, all I could think of was “WTF.” This movie is so extremely messed up and I really wish I hadn’t ever seen it. It wasn’t that it was horrible, but that it was highly disturbing and I knew the images would stick in my head for a long time.


The first story involves a sexually perverted man who disturbed me more than the others. I don’t even like to think about what he did, and there was way too much of his penis involved in the story. I was very happy with the way his story ended. The second story is the pervert’s son, who is an almost champion speed eater. That story had too much vomiting for my liking. I really hate watching anyone vomiting, more so than blood. The final story is the speed eater’s very skinny taxidermist son who cannot stand his father’s excesses. One part of final story, I could see coming, even though I still couldn’t believe I was watching it when it did. Then it went beyond that and that’s really what made me walk out of the theater thinking that phrase.

Rating: D

3 Replies to “Taxidermia”

  1. This just popped up from the archives and sounds like one messed up movie. I’ve never heard of it. Your review makes a part of me want to see it, just to see what was so horrible, but the fact that you found it so horrible will keep me away. You are not easily bothered. Disturbing!

  2. LOL! There is definitely a part of me that wants to put it in the Netflix cue but there is a bigger part that understands that once I watch, it can never be unseen

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