Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3

Directed: Sam Raimi
Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Thomas Hayden Church, Topher Grace, James Franco, James Cromwell, Bryce Dallas Howard

Peter Parker is proposing to Mary Jane while battling three bad guys: Sandman, Green Goblin II and Venom.

When I heard there were three bad guys, I had some worries about too much being crammed in in the movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was handled very well. I never felt like there was too much going on at one point. I also didn’t feel like some characters were given the shaft due to there being so many characters. It was like a well-done ensemble movie.

Of course, it isn’t an ensemble movie. It does have the main storyline of Peter Parker dealing with everyone loving Spider-Man and having a bit of an ego problem. He starts paying more attention to himself than Mary Jane, which I felt was whiny at first, but then I could see her point where he never wanted to talk about anything bad, but how everything was fabulous.

This all leads to him becoming infected with black symbiotic goo. This was my favorite part of the movie. He turns into Emo Spider-Man with his bangs in his face and sometimes the look of eyeliner. He struts down the street and thinks he is bad ass. It was so hilarious and reminded me how funny Sam Raimi can be and I’m glad he didn’t lose that sense of humor since he became Mr. Big Time Director.

For the first time, I wasn’t annoyed by James Franco in the series. It was fun to see him angry, then happy, then all angry, sad and all sorts of other emotions. I was sad that Venom wasn’t in it until near the end of the movie, but the character that led to Venom was so it didn’t feel rushed. Even Sandman was fleshed out throughout the movie.

The only character that seemed random was Gwen Stacy. She was there as someone to make Mary Jane and Eddie Brock jealous, but it would have been nice if her character was more than just a pretty face. That seems minor compared to everything else that goes well in the movie. I had a lot of fun watching it, and it would be one that I would want to watch again. Even though some critics said it wasn’t as good as the second one, I thought it was still a really good film.

Rating: A-


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One thought on “Spider-Man 3

  • March 6, 2008 at 6:43 am

    I just got to watch this the other night. Definitely better than I thought it would be, though the action seemed a bit cluttered at times.

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