Author: Neil Gaiman

In old English times, young Tristan has fallen in love with the most beautiful girl in the village of Wall. She has promised him a kiss if he retrieves a fallen star, so he goes off searching for it.

A quick read, written like the old fairy tales with flowery language. It has the fantasy twist where beyond the Wall is a whole different world that most people in the village are not allowed to travel, but Tristan is able. He goes off having adventures, searching and finding the star. He learns the star is a girl. He tries to get her back to Wall, but she doesn’t want to go with him. She’s very angry that she fell in the first place.

I enjoyed the star’s spunk and unwillingness to cooperate with the young man trying to kidnap her, even though he didn’t see it that way. He viewed her as an object and finally sees her as more than that. Even though she isn’t human, she still has feelings. Tristan was still likable, even when he was so bull-headed and clueless that the girl he loved back home couldn’t care less about him. He grows up during his adventures, even though the entire book zips along really quickly.

I would have liked if some parts were expanded upon more. I felt like parts of it were getting interesting and then it moved onto the next adventure. It wasn’t a sudden jerk to a new topic, but the event would be wrapped up quickly or summarized instead of it being described as it took place. Beyond that, it was a nice, sweet book.

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