MWG: Always – Feb Movie

MWG: Always – Feb Movie


Hi Everyone!

I am choosing the movie for February – sorry that I am late!

The movie will be Always – directed by Steven Spielberg, staring Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfus.

Hope you enjoy!


Netflix Synopsis: Director Steven Spielberg delivers an old-fashioned romantic adventure, as firefighting pilot Richard Dreyfuss perishes in the line of duty and comes back from the beyond to watch over his replacement (Brad Johnson) and his true love (Holly Hunter). Exciting, romantic and featuring Audrey Hepburn‘s final screen appearance, Always reaffirms the adage “What you give away, you keep forever.”

Rotten Tomato Score: 61%

2 Replies to “MWG: Always – Feb Movie”

  1. I never had the desire to watch this movie when it came out, but I watched it because Amy picked it. I would have been okay not watching it. 😉

    There were some cute parts like right after Pete dies and he finds out he can control what people do so he messes with his old friend, Al, and tries to get dumb, cute guy to say things to pick up a girl. Beyond those cute things, there were other things that just made me feel icky.

    My first issue with it is that Richard Dreyfuss looked so much older than Holly Hunter. He is 10 years older than her, but looks so much more than that. I also didn’t think they had any chemistry so it looked like sleazy older guy trying to make out with a younger woman. The second issue was the horrible haircut and ugly dress she wore. I know it was the very end of the ’80s when the movie came out, but I think I might have found that haircut and dress ugly back then. Let’s hope!

    I did not know this movie was a remake of some movie in the ’40s, which makes a bit of sense in how corny it is at times and also how old-fashioned some of the notions they have towards each other seem. I rolled my eyes when he wouldn’t say he loved her. He obviously did, but it seemed like such a retread of some old predictable story. The other part that seemed old-fashioned was how he kept telling her what to do as if he controlled her. I know he said it a few times in the movie, but the one example that sticks out the most is when he says he released her at the end, like she was a dog.

    That part left a bad taste in my mouth about the entire movie. I didn’t feel it was a romantic movie. Any romance felt forced, even with the extremely dumb guy trying to get together with Dorinda (aka Bangs McGee, which is what Kaile renamed her since we felt her name was stupid). I feel that if you want to watch a lovely little romantic movie where the stars have tons of chemistry, watch Once. That movie is overflowing with it.

    P.S. We watched this movie with Kaile. He said it hurt his pancreas. He also kept covering his head with a blanket saying he was a parakeet and would go to sleep if the lights were off (the blanket was over his head). It didn’t work. He stayed awake the entire movie. I did hear him giggle at the parts where Pete was messing with people as a ghost.

    Rating: C

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