A woman says that she was carjacked with her little boy in the backseat, which turns into major race issues due to the neighborhood it takes place.

Freedomland is an orphanage or state-run facility of some sort where unwanted children ended up. I can’t recall exactly because it is only in about 10 minutes of the movie and has nothing to do with the movie. This is the sort of sense that this movie makes—none. If this would have happened at the beginning of the film, I might have been given an idea of how stupid it was going to be, but it was about 3/4 of the way through it. When the search party for the missing boy finally makes its way there, hoping that he’ll be there, even though there is no reason for him to hide in this abandoned building, I hoped there would be some connection or they would find him there. Instead, it was just a distraction to what was really going on.

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I love Julianne Moore and I’m a fan of Samuel L. Jackson, but they are both horrible in this movie. Maybe I can blame the director for pushing them into overacting territory. The movie also tries to be some kind of message movie about race relations and almost leads to a riot in the projects towards the end, but it just seems out of place. There is this whacked out mom crying over her missing boy and this entire other movie dealing with how no one deals with things that happen in the projects. The movie leads you to believe they are all connected, but once you get to the extremely stupid ending, it was just all a waste of time.

Rating: F

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