TAR: Crying Over Spilled Milk

Amazing Race
Please, Lord, Give Me Milk

Lorena and Jason started off in first place when they found out they needed to fly over 3,000 miles to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in West Africa. There was the usual drama at the airport, but after so many seasons of that, there isn’t anything new there. Nate and Jen were the one team that had an earlier flight, and everyone else was on a flight that was delayed. If they missed their connection in Paris, eight teams would be 24 hours behind Nate & Jen, since there was only one flight a day from Paris to West Africa. It was all a big brouhaha over nothing, since everyone made it onto the plane in Paris and they all arrived in Africa at the same time.

After arriving in Ouagadougou, the teams headed by taxi to a train station to find the clue. It told them to take the train out to the middle of nowhere to Bingo in the African Savannah. When everyone arrived at the train station, they couldn’t buy tickets until the next morning at 6am, so everyone relaxed and danced. The sisters danced and got the grandfather all hot and bothered. Don’t do that, he’ll take his clothes off again!

On the train, the blondes pulled the dumb American bit by making comments about the other passengers “bringing flies” on the train. Lovely! Others were just checking out Africa. The stop for Bingo was really in the middle of nowhere. No train station. The train just stopped and they jumped out. The clue box led the teams to a road block.

Roadblock – Lemming Time!

One member had to milk a camel until they filled a bowl up to a line. After they were given the okay that they had milked enough, they had the drink the milk in order to receive their next clue. If the camel ran out of the milk, they had to wait for all other teams to finish before moving onto another camel. They are warned that camels are sensitive to loud noises and quick movements. Some teams decide to ignore this advice when they start yelling, whining, crying and flailing their arms around. Surprisingly, they were the teams that did not milk their camels the fastest. Imagine that!

Don who grew up on a farm had no problem with the task. Neither did hippy TK who calmed the camel down by talking nicely to it. TK finished first, but gagged while drinking his milk. He did finish it though. Christina and Vyxsin were also calm in milking their camels and finished quickly too. Those that freaked out their camels: Julia and Lorena. Lorena spazzed out so much that I think she knocked over as much milk out of her bowl as the camel did. She would cry and whine to Jason, as if he could come over and just do it. I think she threw a fit hoping the producers would let him do it, but if she ever watched the show, she would know they wouldn’t. They would just let them lose. Not suprisingly, they were the last to finish the roadblock, but Julia finished right before her, and she wasn’t as big of a spaz as Lorena.

Jennifer and Azaria also had difficulties with the camels and Azaria finally remembered that they could get a new camel since all the other teams had moved on except the four with dry camels. Once Azaria moved onto another camel, so did the other three. He finished, then Jennifer, Julia and finally Lorena.

After finishing the road block, teams needed to get four camels and lead them to some nomads on a marked path. The teams did what they did best. TK & Rachel thought they found the path, even though it wasn’t marked, and the other teams (Don/Nick, Ron/Christina, and Kynt/Vyxsin) followed them blindly. When they finally realized there were no markers, they turned around and lost whatever lead they had on some of the other teams. Nate finished not as fast as the first group of people, but did finish before the slow group with no milk and caught up to the teams leading camels when they turned around and started going the right way. Silly lemming teams.


After dropping the camels off at the nomads, the next clue was a detour. The teams had to Teach It and Learn It. In Teach It, the teams would teach a local child that doesn’t speak any English ten English words. In Learn It, the teams had to learn ten More words, the primary African language. For each one, there would be a test for the kid or the team before they would get the clue.

The first teams to arrive to the clue box had problems finding the school. That allowed Azaria and Hendekea to find a local to show them the school and get ahead of the other teams.

Teach It
Teams that chose this task:


Those that chose teach it went with the reasoning that the kids got more sleep than them and were more alert to learn something new.

Learn It
Teams that chose this task:


Those that chose the learn it didn’t think it would be that hard to learn ten new words, or five each for those that split up the words to learn. They wanted to depend on themselves than someone else to finishing.

Pit Stop

Azaria & Hendekea finished first and earned their last clue directing them to the pit stop on the outskirts of Bingo. At this point, Lorena and Julia were still trying to milk their camels. A storm started brewing, which didn’t seem to last long, but made everyone wet and dirty where it stirred up the dirt with the wind before drenching them in a downpour.

Azaria & Hendekea were the first ones to arrive at the pit stop and won a trip to Bermuda at the Elbow Beach Resort. The next group of teams all showed up right at the same time, making it very crowded for Phil on the mat. Once again, some teams couldn’t find the marked path to the pit stop, so while Ron/Christina and TK/Rachel finished the detour quickly, they ended up finding the path right when Nate/Jen, Nick/Don and Kynt/Vyxsin finished up. Everyone ran towards the mat at the same time and all came in right after one another. Shana and Jennifer were slightly behind the other teams since

Jennifer finished up at the camels a bit later, so they came in seventh place around no other teams. The sisters and Lorena/Jason arrived at the schools at the same time. They both finished around the same time and it was a foot race to the mat. Sadly, Lorena and Jason got there just before the sisters so whiny was able to continue in the race. How sad.

  1. Azaria & Hendekea – won a trip to Bermuda
  2. TK & Rachel
  3. Nathan & Jennifer
  4. Kynt & Vyxsin
  5. Ron & Christina
  6. Nicholas & Donald
  7. Shana & Jennifer
  8. Lorena & Jason
  9. Last Place – Marianna & Julia

Photo Source: Amazing Race


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2 thoughts on “TAR: Crying Over Spilled Milk

  • November 29, 2007 at 8:12 pm

    So I feel very very bad for the camels. And Jason is drugged or on a dare or something – Lorena is teh crazy!!!!!

    The blondes were very rude with their comments!

    I liked the detour, I thought it was very clever and neat to learn some of the words!

    I do not know yet who I am cheering for, still too many to choose!

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