Amazing Race: Shut Up Dad!

Amazing Race
I’ve Become the Archie Bunker of the Home

Everyone took off from Ireland to head to Amsterdam. The goths said they love playing in the dark since it is their “favorite place to dwell.” The blondes talked about the hardships of not having a manicure or a facial. It’s only the second leg! The ministers said the smartest thing that I have heard on the race ever. They have no illusions that God cares if they win the Amazing Race.

At the airport, Nicholas wanted to get on standby and started to get rude with the ticket agents. He told them to “work faster”. This annoyed Ronald who was nearby with Christina. After they were both put on the standby list, Ronald went to tell Nicholas just what he thought of him, while his daughter tried to get him to quit talking and just leave it alone. The grandson/grandfather made it on the plane at the last minute, leaving Ronald/Christina behind with the ministers and sisters.

Once the teams made it to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, they had to catch a train into the city and find a bridge, which was a detour.


The detour was the choice between Hoist It or Hunt It. In Hoist It, they had to pull up furniture three stories high into an apartment. It was heavy lifting, but there was also some thinking involved with tying the knots. It had the advantage of being right there next to the bridge. In Hunt It, they had to walk a few blocks to a huge parking garage with tons of bicycles and find the color combination on the bike that matched the one in their clue. Once they found the two bikes, they had to ride it a few more blocks to the the clue person.

Hoist It
Teams that chose this task:

TK /Rachel
Nathan / Jennifer

Jason got the hang of the knot system slowly, but then went through all five things he had to pull up while Vyxsin was still working on her second item. She pulled up the first light load, but was stumbling with the knots, even though she said that she would be the one making the knots since she used to do macrame. TK and Nathan were quite bad at making knots. Shana was able to make the knots right away, but had a little difficulty with hoisting it since she almost went up in the air with the item. She did get it under control and finished before Vyxsin, TK and Nathan. Nathan had to give up on the knots and Jennifer took over. She finished it up very quickly. TK and Rachel were so lovey dovey towards each other in the last episode, but I though the was going to kill Rachel if she kept talking to him. He finally said that she had to do it and he would pull up from the apartment. When she went down there, she finished the entire task quickly herself.

Hunt It
Teams that chose this task:

Married Ministers

Everyone was shocked by how many bikes were there, but they worked steadily until they found their clue. The brother and sister were done before the grandson and grandfather arrived. The sisters showed up and finished after that, but before the father/daughter team arrived. The ministers were there the same time as Ronald and Christina. Ronald complained about the hoist it, so Christina said they should go to the bikes, but he complained about that. She said to just stick to a decision and go. Then he was complaining about not being able to find anything while she talked about staying positive. Then he started going on and on about nothing, but managing to complain the entire time and talk in circles. The ministers giggled a bit about the father’s frustrations. I would have done the same if I was there, since I couldn’t believe how much he talked and didn’t concentrate on anything important.


After finishing up the detours, the clue told the teams to take a bus to a small village of Ransdorp and find the next clue. Lorena and Jason were the first team to finish the detour, but showed up at the bus stop as the bus was pulling away. While they waited, the blondes and Nathan/Jennifer showed up. The goths found the bus stop as the first bus was pulling away. When the second bus arrived, the goths, brother/sister team, TK/Rachel and grandson/grandfather all got on it. The sisters and father/daughter made it on the third bus. The ministers just missed the third bus, so they took the very last one out to the village.


The next clue was a road block where they had to vault over a muddy ditch to get to the clue on the other side. Both feet had to land on the other side of the ditch. Once they retrieved the clue, they vaulted back over, but if they fell into the water, they could climb back out.

Jason chose to go over and made it look easy. He barely touched the mud. He was back over to the other side while Jennifer and Shana were preparing to jump. Jennifer was still mulling it over when Shana went sailing right on over. Nathan pointed out that she made it, which made Jennifer blow up at him. She tried and fell right in. She made it over the second time, but fell in the mud again on the way back. Shana also fell in the mud on the way back. While running away from the ditch with the clue, Jennifer made the fabulous comment, “The freaking little bitch did it. I can’t believe it.” Oh when will karma get her?

Rachel made it on the first try, and I was thinking that the women were pretty good at it, when Hendekea fell right in. Kynt was not happy that he chose the road block without realizing they would be vaulting over. He said he was a prissy man. He fell right into the mud, but made it on his second try. Donald was watching people vault over and after seeing Rachel, Hendekea and Kynt do it, he said he could do it. I have no idea why the skinny grandson didn’t do it. I would have thought he would have sailed over. He fell in on the first try. He decided that taking all almost all his clothes would make it better. His grandson said he had, “No comment.” He tried a few million more times, but finally made it over.

When Marianna showed up, she made it over on her first try. The sisters arrived right when the grandfather finally made it over, so they were racing against each other. Christina was trying around the same time too, but her father would not shut up! She would be about to jump and he would start giving her advice, or not really advice, but tell her how she was about to do it was all wrong. It was so negative and not constructive at all. She finally told him to be quiet so she could concentrate and she made it over. Ah, the power of silence!

Everyone was gone by the time the ministers showed up. Kate went over a few times, I am guessing, since she was so muddy, but it only showed her making it the last time. They knew they were last, but still in good spirits at that point.

Pit Stop

After finishing with the vaulting, the teams had to ride a Dutch cargo bike to the pit stop at the Durgerdam Yacht Club. It was just down the road where they parked the bikes and then ran across the street to Phil. One person pedaled, while the other sat what looked like a wheel barrow strapped to the front.

Lorena and Jason were the first to arrive. They also won a pair of ATVs. Shana and Jennifer finished the vaulting first, but Nathan and Jennifer were right behind them and won in the foot race to the mat. Kynt and Vyxsin came in soon after those two. TK told Rachel she smelled like poop. They were so intent on looking at some piece of paper that they not only missed the place to park the bikes, they rode right by Phil. He stood on the mat just off the side of the road and stared at them going by. Hilarious. Azaria and Hendeka passed by TK and Rachel going the wrong way. They said they would take them to the pit stop since they knew the way. They both showed up together with the brother/sister team ahead of TK/Rachel. Marianna and Julia arrived to the mat just before Nicholas/Donald. When Christina got into the bucket part of the bike, Ronald said she needed to lose weight and then promptly fell over. Karma! He said he shouldn’t have said that. Ya think? They finally showed up second to last, with the ministers showing up in last place since their bus was so far behind. Kate and Pat were eliminated.

  1. Lorena/Jason – won a pair of ATV
  2. Nate/Jen
  3. Shana/Jennifer
  4. Kynt & Vyxsin
  5. Azaria & Hendekea
  6. TK & Rachel
  7. Marianna & Julia
  8. Nicholas & Donald
  9. Ronald & Christina
  10. Last Place – Kate & Pat

Photo Source: Amazing Race

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