Knocked Up

Knocked Up

Knocked Up

Directed: Judd Apatow
Starring: Katherine Heigl, Seth Rogen

After a one-night stand a pretty girl finds out she is pregnant with an average guy’s kid and she isn’t sure how she feels about it.

I love Judd Apatow. I was a fan of Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. He is excellent at capturing the awkwardness of dorks, nerds and slackers without making them into stereotypes. While hearing that Katherine Heigl’s character (Alison) slept with Seth Rogen’s character (Ben) is not believeable, seeing how it plays out at the bar where she’s been drinking and he makes her laugh ends up with them falling into bed.

I loved the woman at Alison’s tv show job who is so rude when she is in personal meetings. Her opinions didn’t seem to matter much, so that made her comments even more hilarious. Everyone just ignored her. I loved Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann as the married couple that scare both Alison and Scott about how things could be if they don’t get their relationship right. They were so funny when they were yelling at each other or being passive aggressive. The random trip to Vegas was funny, but it was completely random and messed up the flow of the movie. I wished Paul Rudd was in it more, but he does like to come into movies, do something funny, and then fade into the background.

What I enjoyed about this movie, and other Judd Apatow films/tv shows, is that it is very grounded in real life. The situations are real, but he finds the awkward funny moments anyway. The downside to that is sometimes, it isn’t laugh out loud funny, but something slightly amusing. There were many moments I was laughing out loud while watching it, so I think if you like that sort of humor, you will find it hilarious.

Rating: A-

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