Directed: Mikael Hafstrom
Starring: John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, Mary McCormack

After hunting for any signs of paranormal activity from the other side, a grieving father declares there are no such things as ghosts. Then he gets trapped in room 1408 where no one has survived past an hour in the room.

I haven’t read the Stephen King story so I have no idea how well of an adaptation this movie is. It is a pretty creepy movie for a while when he finally gets to the hotel run by Samuel L. Jackson, who is awesome. The hotel room is very spooky and watching a non-believer slowly believing what is happening to him is pretty fun. There is an odd part in the middle, where Cusack’s character yells at a tiny Jackson in his fridge. It is a hilarious scene, but really breaks the spooky mood.

Then there is a part where you think the movie is over, and I was pissed that was the way it was going to end. Then it is just a fake out and it isn’t really over. I was glad, and the way it ended was better but still not great.

Rating: B-

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