MWG: Summer School

MWG: Summer School


I have picked the next movie for our Movie Watching Group (MWG) as Summer School from 1987. I loved this movie when it came out, recorded it off of cable, and watched the video copy of it very many times. It introduced me to high quality films, such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and makeup-artist and creature-creator, Rick Baker. I found it very educational at the time. Let’s see if I still do after watching it again.

Netflix Synopsis: Mark Harmon plays a high school coach who gives up much-needed R&R in Hawaii for a chance to earn some extra money teaching English to summer school kids. Although the teens would rather be anywhere but stuck in class for the summer, in time their instructor’s amiable, approachable and low-key way of teaching results in true learning taking place, despite their resistance — which comes as a surprise to both them and their teacher.

RT Score: 56%

Here is our group that needs to watch the movie and review it: Amy, Marci, Sharon, Jim, Keiran, Lynz, Stacy, Jer and me. Review away!

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  1. Okay, it’s on my Netflix list! I think I have seen this one before, but I’m not sure. It seems familiar.

  2. Okay I have watched this movie. So I thought this movie was famliar, but no… I have no seen it until now.

    It’s your typical teachers hangs in there with the misunderstood kids that couldn’t pass english with some funny comedy.

    I have to say my favorite characters where of course Chainsaw and Wundermutt!

    I love the part where the bunnies get attack on the field trip and the blood bath in the class room for the vice principle.

    And wow… if Jenny Craig can get Kirstie Alley back to looking like she was then … hawt!

    It was a good movie. Not sure if I would run out and rent it again, but if it popped up on the TV again, I might stop the flipper and watch it. =)

  3. I tried to watch this like I had never seen it before with fresh eyes, but I have seen it too many times. I not only could recite random lines word for word, I could also reenact gestures and movements that the characters did when they were saying them. I even remembered at one point where the film goes crazy and causes the film to slow down and a guy to blink very slowly. I haven’t seen the movie in years either. I just watched it way too many times.

    I still found it hilarious. Half the time I was laughing because I knew what was going to happen. I loved the little things, like a girl trying to get out of a car because she is excited, but forgets to take off her seatbelt, so she gets out and flies back into the car. Mark Harmon was charming and sexy. Kirstie Alley wore some great 80s outfits that made Jer say “What the hell is that?” I would respond that I used to have something like whatever she was wearing. Oh, and Denise, the girl that can’t drive wears an Esprit shirt in the very first scene she is in (gold with big teal blocks and triangles on it) that I used to own. I didn’t buy it because of the movie, but already had it when I watched it. Oh yeah, I had some good clothes back then. I did love Esprit.

    Mostly this movie reminded me of what I learned from watching it back in junior high. I learned that I hated Courtney Thorne-Smith. It was her character that I hated, which I found to be a stupid and pathetic girl, but always associated the character with the actress. Sucks to be her. I Also learned about inappropriate student-teacher relationships and fine cinema like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I also learned about Rick Baker and whenever I would see his name nominated for an Oscar, I would say, “It is makeup artist and creature creator, Rick Baker!”

    Finally, even though the movie could be predictable at times, I would say that I enjoyed the ending. It didn’t have anything where everyone suddenly became super smart. They did improve, so it wasn’t a completely cheesy, everyone is happy ending, even though everyone did seem to be happy at the end. I have seen other movies that I loved as a kid, but now can barely watch. I can still watch this one and still laugh at it without being embarrassed that I used to love it. I still love it. I’ll give it a minus just for the extra 80s cheese factor.

    Random note: The original summer school teacher that plays the lottery is Carl Reiner, the director.

    Rating: A-

  4. I had this forever from Netflix and finally got around to watching it! I had seen it several times before but I had forgotten a couple of things.

    I always liked this movie and I still do – there is some cheesy stuff but also lots of fun. I like it when they go to Knotts Berry Farm because I loved going there with my mom and sister when I was little.
    Of course I especially love WonderMutt – he is super cute! Almost as cute is Mark Harmon, my faux TV boyfriend!
    All the 80’s clothes and hair are awesome in this movie. I too was a big fan of Esprit so it was fun to see some of that stuff again.
    I’m glad that everyone doesn’t magically pass the test, but that everyone improves. The guy who was in the bathroom the entire time makes me laugh so much!
    Overall this is a good fun movie and I’m glad I watched it again. I give it a B+

  5. OMG I forgot to come here and do this! I thought for sure I had done this.

    I remember watching this many many times but not recently. I agree with Marci – this was definitely back when Kristie Alley was hot!

    It was entertaining and cheesy. The freak out scene for the sub was awesome!

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