MWG: Summer School


I have picked the next movie for our Movie Watching Group (MWG) as Summer School from 1987. I loved this movie when it came out, recorded it off of cable, and watched the video copy of it very many times. It introduced me to high quality films, such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and makeup-artist and creature-creator, Rick Baker. I found it very educational at the time. Let’s see if I still do after watching it again.

Netflix Synopsis: Mark Harmon plays a high school coach who gives up much-needed R&R in Hawaii for a chance to earn some extra money teaching English to summer school kids. Although the teens would rather be anywhere but stuck in class for the summer, in time their instructor’s amiable, approachable and low-key way of teaching results in true learning taking place, despite their resistance — which comes as a surprise to both them and their teacher.

RT Score: 56%

Here is our group that needs to watch the movie and review it: Amy, Marci, Sharon, Jim, Keiran, Lynz, Stacy, Jer and me. Review away!

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