The Machinist

The Machinist

Christian Bale looks super freaky thin as a guy who hasn’t slept in over a year. Is he seeing things due to sleep deprivation? Or are people really after him?

Please, please,, please please do not ever allow Christian Bale to lose 63 pounds for a movie role. He looks like an extremely skinny 12-year-old boy that has developed no muscles. The more weight he lost in the movie, the more you can see his skeleton showing through his back, rib cage, and his face. It is highly disturbing. It disturbs others in the movie too, and most of them think he’s on drugs. He gets tested at his drill-press job after he injures another co-worker by mistake. I would have thought after a year of not sleeping, he would have done that sooner.

He does not tell anyone at work about his sleep deprivation. He only confides in Jennifer Jason Leigh’s hooker character. For some reason, she is attracted to him, but also worried about him since he is so darn skinny. For someone that finds Christian Bale very attractive, I was repulsed by the sight of him so thin. Ick!

I had no idea why Leigh’s character or another waitress lady were interested in him. He isn’t very nice or fun to hang out with. He talks crazy all the time, especially when he keeps finding notes around his apartment, and talks to a guy that no one else seems to see or believes exists.

While not liking his character, I still wanted to know the reason behind his insomnia and weight loss so I hung in there. The clues start becoming more frequent towards the end of the movie until you realize what happened a year ago to start this cycle of craziness in him. I found the ending satisfying, but mostly wanted Bale to eat something. It also made me want to go watch him in American Psycho where he looks really good. It’s hip to be square!

Rating: B-

2 Replies to “The Machinist”

  1. I’m only watching comedies from now on. I seem to inadvertently be finding myself on a tragic movie streak. While I admire Christian Bales’ dedication as an actor, I also think he likely did permanent damage to his body in this role. He really did look tormented though. All I thought through the movie was that someone should hospitalize this guy

  2. I think him becoming so skinny was a major distraction to the movie. I think it would have made more of an impact if they just showed his eyes looking hollow with black circles under them. Since I spent most of the movie wanting him to eat something since I knew he had really done that to himself instead of the character, it messed up my suspension of disbelief.

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