MWG: Night of the Comet

We have started our Movie Watching Group (MWG). Marci is up first! She has picked Night of the Comet from 1984.


Netflix Synopsis: Earth has been ripped to shreds after a run-in with a killer comet, and those who have survived are in a fight for their lives in this campy cult classic. Valley Girl Reg (Catherine Mary Stewart) and her sister (Kelli Maroney) discover they’re two of the lucky few. But scientists are after them, and now they must run. Why? Because the researchers believe they need the blood of survivors to concoct a drug that can save them all from further ruin.

RT Score: 83%

Here is our group that needs to watch the movie and review it: Amy, Marci, Sharon, Jim, Keiran, Lindsay, Jer and me. Review away!

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